Engine desktop for Linux

Hello. I ask people who are directly related to Denon to answer. When will there be a Linux version? I don’t ask “will it be at all?”. There must be a Linux version, since Engine is Linux. You are at least obliged to return the developments to the community. There are also a lot of DJs in the world who are forced to use Windows exclusively for DJing. With your help, we could all get rid of Windows. For simplicity, convenience and versatility, you can use the appimage format.



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I think the global market share of Linux will determine if a version of Engine will ‘ever’ be released for that platform, and given that it is measured at under 3% penetration vs Windows with over 75% i don’t really see this happening which is a shame.

I’m surprised that there is not a mobile version of Engine that we can use to grade our music on the go, something that could easily sync back to our Engine databases.

The database format is is open as can be. If you like to thinker with Linux, it must not be a problem to roll your own database manager?

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Well, the original request has 15 votes.

It doesn’t seem high on peoples priorities. But I wouldn’t rule it out, yet.

Oh, btw, the most popular UNIX variant is already supported by Engine DJ. :disguised_face:

So why would they now start to support a less popular UNIX variant :innocent:

It’s not the point of market share. Engine OS is a Linux based system and all libraries to support what you can do with Denons standalone players are open source. It’s the point that Denon should and easily could give back to the open source community what they take but they just don’t. So for all Linux users - vote for the native Linux client that I opened in the request section of that forum. Cheers!


hi community, in the meantime you use engine DJ through wine, it’s easy to install.