Engine connect channel assignment working on only one player

Hello everyone. I’ve seen a similar post in the past on this topic but my situation is a little different. Hopefully you could lend a hand. My player two deck (sc600 2.02) Seems to see all Channels under channel assignment. However my player one same media player and version shows none. Any ideas why?

Hey @Selecta925 - Have you shared this with our support team yet? Might be good to have a technical agent take a look at it. You can submit this there www.denondj.com/support

I have had this issue, turning on both players and wait for them to be booted into the source page and then switch on the x1850 seems to help, I think they have a issue with engine connect.it’s how the manual says to do it, players first mixer last. Try that.

Are you using Engine Lighting on one of the players?

Furthermore, what happens when you press+hold the Engine Connect button on the mixer?

@Selecta925 not sure if this is still relevant but I am also having this issue on my SC6000s and 1850. All my hardware has been updated to the latest firmware versions. I had to turn my SC6000’s on first, then the mixer only then could I see the changes to my input tempo in the FX panel

Okay, so not sure what’s going on but Engine Connect doesn’t seem to be working properly for me. I’ve had it working in the past but now only one of my SC6000’s shows up and registers the change in tempo. The other player doesn’t affect the tempo even though I can tell it to use engine connect. Although that is intermittent too, sometimes it picks up on the EC button on the mixer being pressed, other times it does not. Nothing has changed since my last post.

  • Both players are connected to my mixer via ethernet and digital out/in.
  • The player to my left is assigned to channel 2 and is showing as player 1.
  • The player to my right is assigned to channel 3 and shows as player 2.
  • EC is set to auto connect in the system settings.