Engine and Serato file are different speeds

I’m new to engine dj but there’s a couple things that are really weird to me. I just synced serato to engine and noticed a track that’s 128 in engine it’s 139. When I say this I don’t mean the beatgrid is off the actual track is sped up. I don’t understand how this is possible and I honestly don’t even understand how a file can be faster or slower. Has anyone ever came across this?

Are you playing it on its own or is it synced to another track?

Sorry i should have said: Im only on the EngineDJ on my computer. No controller/players nothing just going through music on my computer in engine. Also on 1 track no sync is selected nothing like that. The file itself is different than the orig file. Just super weird to me.

And the pitch is set as zero? what happens if you re-analyse it?

Yes zero. The file it faster in engine even when I preview it without loading it. Very weird

@Blee have you checked that the file is not locked on a wrong Key value? Sometimes tracks become locked to a higher or lower pitch value, which could impact the BPM. You will need to unlock the key and change the value with which the file is supposed to correspond by default.

what is the track title?

So deleted my whole collection and re imported from Serato and now it’s fine. Not really sure what happened.

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