Engine 4.0 Desktop for PC appears to be "Write Protecting" ALL my drives?

As the title says, since 4.0 upgrade I can’t edit (delete or rename) playlists or add to my collection? Two different high spec Intel PCs, Prime 4+ with internal Samsung SSD and external Samsung T7 Shield SSD. 4 years & 2 months experience with Engine too!!

Write Protecting? As in mounting them as read-only? Are you able to do CRUD operations from Windows Explorer like CRUD? CRUD means CReate, Update, Delete.

Do you get any warnings like drives are not usable with Engine?

No messages. Had the usual database updating message when I turned the Prime 4 on but i have found the fix …

Delete the partion and reformat (exFAT) the drive. This happened from 2.0 to 3.0as I remember?

Even my two SSD back up drives need re- partioning and reformatting …

Engine DJ does not do anything OS-level and uses APIs from Qt (the UI framework) from what I can tell.

It should not be changing mounting parameters at all as that would be OS-level.