Engine 3.0 Bug

Just updated my SC6000’s to engine 3.0. Took the players to a gig and ran into a serious bug. While pressing the back or search button to scroll through my playlist, the scroll knob and back/forward buttons stopped working. Thank god for the multi-touch screen that allowed me to swipe and load the track with gestures. I had to shut down the players twice before they started working and reading the mechanical scroll wheel properly again. On top of that, it still takes an extended period of time to load a playlist when you first visit the playlist screen. I had a track ending on one player and was waiting for my playlist to load so i could pick the next song. I had to loop the song that was playing to let my other player load (maybe 20 seconds or so). Very annoying.

They specifically advised in the release notes not to update then use the players in a professional environment without doing thorough sanity testing beforehand. These things are the exact reason why.

I had a gig last Friday so i held off updating until Saturday morning.


While I 100% know we’re gonna have some bugs I’ve done multiple events now on 3.0 with zero problems. For what that’s worth.


I fully agree with the last two observations.

Also I’m not sure how the “track was running out” can still be an issue with 4 layers (running track plus 3 spares) available, can be an issue any more.

My guess is your database was still updating as advised in the Important Notes…


Thanks everyone for the feedback! Much help!

Load up tracks to sampler pads too with v3.0

I used to load tracks to my hot start buttons on the HS5500s