Engine 2.2.0 Itunes Playlists not sync

Hi there.

I’ve just updated my Engine on Win10. I recognized that my ITunes Playlists wont be updated. My Folder and the XML are on a different drive. I set up Itunes to work with other apps and set the direction of the xml in Engine. I sync’s the first like 7 Folder in ITunes but the nothing on… I checked google for help and even checked the forum here for ITunes related topic. I noticed that there are some topics related to this but no solutions… So as far as 2.2.0 is released is there any solution to bring back all my Playlists? My library is huge as Iam using it since like 15years. I also tried it with the “old” workaround rename the xml to “itune smusic library” - no change.

Maybe anyone could help me.

Thank you

It doesn’t work for me either. I keep my music files on a NAS. iTunes and Record box have no problem reading them but Engine can’t. Denon hardware is great but their software is woefully deficient.

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Hello, I have the same problem and no solution. I have already uninstalled Engine and deleted all databases and installed the software again. Unfortunately no success. It works with all other programs such as VDJ. But that wasn’t the point of buying a Prime 4 and then hanging up with the PC.

Are there any answers from support or do you have to express your concern somewhere else?

Greetings Andi

Hardware great, software is a complete pile of shite, and thats being offensive to ■■■■ tbh, over 60% of my itunes playlists disappeared as well- this just isnt good enough, and will more than likely return to pioneer of these blokes dont get their acts together- to busy trying to add all these flash updates- AND WE STILL dont have reliable software… Clock is ticking Denon.