Engine 2.0 playlist problems

Hi Everyone, I agree with the other users regarding some gremlins with the new software (eg, beat grids drifting). My other 2 bad experiences are: 1) my playlists are not quite in alphabetical order. The folders go from A-Z for half of my files then after Z go back to A-Z for the second lot of folders! 2) I cannot move (up or down) or remove files that were in my original playlists. I get a ‘no jobs running’ message at the bottom of the screen. Any help would be invaluable for me. I’m wary of trying anything myself as I’m fearful of making the problems worse and losing my selections. Many thanks!

Hey @doktored It sounds like what you are seeing is expected. Because Crates and Playlists were merged into Playlist 2.0 that uses the features of both crates and playlists.

When your library is migrated to 2.0 we place all the playlists in the column first, and the crates after that. This explains the A-Z, A-Z order you are seeing.

You can drag and drop the playlists to change their order though.

In terms of changing the track order in a playlist. The playlist must be sorted by the # column for drag and drop sorting to work.