Engine 2.0.1 what's new?

Whats new in this version?

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Sorry why do you have to spend a lot of time looking for that? it’s so easy to post here :wink:



• 22.10.2021

New Features

  • Sync icon replaced with clearer “Sync” and “Lead” status text based icons
    • ‘LEAD’ is illuminated Blue when the track on deck is leading the sync group
    • The ‘SYNC’ touchscreen icon/button now mirrors the behavior of the corresponding hardware button
  • In the ‘PLAYBACK’ section of the User Profile settings, there is new a setting ‘Always show Sync Lead Button’. If the toggle is set ‘ON’, then the ‘SYNC LEAD’ button over the waveform is displayed permanently

Improvements and Fixes

Performance / Playback

  • Fixed an issue where the beat keeper would jump to the 4th beat when paused (SC5000/M, SC6000/M)
  • Fixed a rare issue where an unexpected nudge would occur when syncing a track in a 3+ player setup
  • Fixed an issue where the MixStream Pro left platter would not release as expected in certain conditions

Playlists / Collection Management

  • Prepare lists are now retained when switching between sources
  • Fixed an issue where switching from and back to the source would clear that source’s Prepare list
  • Fixed an issue where Playlists would disappear when inserting two drives that have been manually copied from the same source
  • Fixed an issue where the demo tracks source would not disappear when an external source was inserted

Steaming / Cloud Services

  • Dropbox API updated to the latest
  • Fixed an issue where updating Dropbox database could get stuck updating
  • Fixed an issue where in certain circumstances, playing a Dropbox track on deck caused that track to be missing
  • Fixed an issue where TIDAL sessions required logging in again after 24+ hours
  • Fixed an issue where TIDAL would occasionally display “Playback was stopped after 5 consecutive errors. Retry?”
  • Fixed an issue where in rare circumstances, Beatport Link Playlist content would be empty
  • Fixed an issue where “Updating” would overlap “Waiting for streaming provider” message in the tracklist
  • Fixed an issue where streaming and Dropbox track names would be shown incorrectly if the “Track Title” setting was set to “File Name”
  • Fixed an issue where rapid loading of streaming tracks could result in tracks failing to download

Engine Lighting

  • Fixed an issue where Engine Lighting would not connect between players
  • Fixed an issue where the time displayed incorrectly when switching between elapsed and remaining time
  • Autoloops now work with Phillips Hue
  • Fixed an issue where Engine Lighting would not work with multiple entertainment zones
  • Fixed an issue where Engine Lighting would not recognize that a Hue Bridge had been disconnected from the network


  • Fixed an issue where audio would briefly drop out when switching the clock time zone to “automatic”
  • Fixed an issue where the network light would be falsely lit
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the Prime Go control surface to not come online during boot
  • Error logging is now enabled by default. To disable, set “Send Anonymous Usage Statistics” to “Off” in the Settings / About Update page
  • Other various stability enhancements & improvements
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Has the visually wandering beat issue been fixed?

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No. But good job fixing all the other issues so quickly.


Actually, I think that the waveform drift has been fixed

This is excellent ! Some people used to gripe that it used to take Denon ages to release fixes to firmware upgrade issues.

Now, here we are only a dozen working days after the 2.0 release with some very timely fixes to a good fair few of the 2.0 issues. Excellent work and may it continue to be.


I have to say moving from pioneer CDJ land back to Denon, it refreshing how responsive the dev team are. Keep up the good work

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I am among those people.

And with heavy heart (lol), my dear undercover inmusic employee, I’ll admit this was fast and squashed quite a lot of bugs that were reported. Hope it does continue in the future.


:joy: maybe is the lead (Sync) programmer of EngineOS

I agree, really fast minor fixes updates. This is the way

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Denon (or InMusic), well done in getting 2.0.1 out, the response from you has been great - thank you. Seems like you’re getting pretty proficient at your sprints or kanban throughput. Can you just confirm (i’ve read the release notes) that you’ve managed to sort the Waveform drift problem in dual layer? I am heavy SC6000 user, and yes I can use my ears but the waveform issue is a bit of a problem!

I’d like to know WHERE did you read in the release note that the waveform “drifting” problem has been solved. :thinking:

I think he read this https://community.enginedj.com/t/fixed-waveform-drift/ and wants a official confirmation.

Sadly the tidal und Lighting bug is not fixed.

  • After the download there is still no BPM and key info displayed in playlist

  • Lighting does not work in the new Auto-Playlist Mode

Thanks SlayForMoney - i did respond, but my post was deleted for some reason (didn’t say anything bad, even complemented the devs on their release!). I just said I am a 1.6.1 user, I because I really like the waveform dual layer view on my SC6000, i am just waiting to move to 2.0 or 2.1 when they fix it. I just wanted confirmation that it would be fixed, and I couldn’t see it in the release notes? Cannot wait to try it especially with Ableton Link.

Ehm the account that deleted your post was you. :upside_down_face:. It can happen to the best of use. Certainly with smartphone touchscreen…


Unfortunately not solved yet. We have to wait for a next release.

Apologies Reese - thought it was a bit odd as I thought i was being polite. Looks like it hasn’t been fixed yet - will have to wait for 2.0.2. I imagine its a tricky fix with realtime wave analysis being introduced to 2.0 etc.

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To get the lights working like my feature request.


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… well done my son, well done … :wink: