Engaging loops without jumping to them

Is there a way to turn on or off a stored loop without jumping to it?

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There really really should be a way on all the primes

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If you want to engage your stored loop you can, by activating the loop when you pass your set loop point. I do this when I have a track with a stored loop. I’m guessing that you want to activate the loop before you reach it.

yeah, i may have a loop i want to mix out of and i’d like to just enable it long before it’ll kick in. guess i’m pretty used to working that way from serato habits.

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+1 on this, moreover there should be a way to set loop on/off independend of a ‘set loop’ controll. for example: the function SHIFT+MOVE LOOP backwards has no utility to me.

I used to use this with Traktor to loop a bar, save it and then go back and forward in the song to look for other bars that match the arrangement to also save them as loops .

in Prime: When moving a loop backwards, you need to exit the loop to OFF, then go backwards with the platter or jump controls …but when you reached that new loop you cannot LOOP ON again with that new selected loop because pushing the rotary knob will set a new loop starting at the point where you push the button

@OliverAlex This area is not for voting on requests for new features or changes to current ones. You should look in the appropriate area. For example look at this post, maybe that’s what you ask: link

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Hi, DjAj it was not my intention to vote or propose new functionalities.

Back on topic: so how do i set an unsaved loop ON (*) without changing the start point of the loop (**)?

  • an unsaved loop is ‘marked’ as loop with IN and OUT points but is currently not loop-ING at this moment. ** pressing the AUTO rotary causes this