Enable Select/Zoom knob for track scrolling when showing the track 'Information Window'

Hi All,

Simple request here that I’m sure many of us will find extremely useful. Request is to enable scrolling through tracks using the Select/Zoom knob when displaying the already existing track ‘Information Window’ view.

This would neatly address the needs of folk who want to scroll tracks while browsing comments without having to sort the playlist by comment.

Doesn’t seem it would be terribly hard to implement given the ‘Information Window’ UI already exists.

Anyone else in favor?

Thanks all!


Maybe consider putting it in a proper feature request area with proper feature request form?

Thx NoiseRiser!

When I looked yesterday the feature request section seemed to be locked. User error on my part - will post there.


Looks like I did that a year ago:-)


Try here:


Successfully refreshed over in the Feature Requests section. Thx!


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Great, Now Your request has more chance to be seen and implemented.