Enable Key and BPM filters?

I can’t figure out how to enable the Key Filter (Compatible or Match) or BPM Filter (+/-1,2,4,5,10,15bpm) on my crates. I see where you change those options in the preferences but when i go to a crate that filter is not applied. Can anyone help me out?

I could be wrong, but I think the way it works is once you are in the crate for browsing then you can select the search function at the bottom which will bring up the different filters. I don’t have my Prime 4 in front of me at the moment, but do remember seeing only tracks from the crate I was in, with only the compatible keys listed if I selected one of the Camelot key filters. I imagine it works the same for the BPM filters.

I’ve messed around with that search tool, but as far as I can tell those filters only allow you to filter the entire collection by an exact bpm or key.

With the key and bpm filters that you change in the preferences, It should be possible to use the +- 5 BPM filter so that my crate only shows songs that are within 5 BPM of the the current song playing (for example).

Also, In my opinion those filters in the search window are useless because they will only filter the whole collection, as opposed to filtering a specific crate (as far as I can tell).

You may be right. I’ll play around with it a bit later and try to confirm what you’re seeing. I have over 15k tracks on my SSD in the unit which would have meant a ton of results for something like 8A for instance, but I do remember having a relatively short list with 8B and 8A listed in there and a quick scroll through with the knob got me from 8B to 8A. I’ll let you know how mine is working when I’m home later tonight.

Played around with it again last night and you’re correct in what you’re seeing, and my original reply was incorrect. This is definitely functionality they need to add in while in a specific crate. In the meantime, sorting by key or BPM at least works to speed the process of finding the next track, but the compatibility filters would be nice.

Bump bump. Can anyone from Denon please help? I’ve tried three ways of contacting about this and haven’t gotten a response on any of them

Hey @sammyjesus.

For KEY SYNC / ADJUST feature you can find out how to Adjust & Sync the Key feature on the following tutorial video: https://youtu.be/YqS6-v3pZro?t=115


Go to SEARCH Tap on one of the filters you require below to select, tap again to show parameters available.

PARAMETER settings can be found in PREFERENCES > LIBRARY

Hope this helps


Hi @Jay_DenonDJ , this does not solve the issue I’m talking about. With the key/bpm filter, I expect to be able to filter crates to only show songs that are within the range I have set in the preferences.

For example- I am playing a song that is 120BPM and 2A key. If I have the key/bpm filter set to +/-5bpm and Key “Match” – then I should be able to filter my crate to only see songs that are between 115-125BPM and have the key of 2A.

With the method you have explained above, I am only able to search my whole collection, and only pick songs that are say exactly 122 bpm, or exactly 2A. And not at the same time, its one or the other. Honestly these search filter functions are useless other than searching for a song by name!!

thank you for explaining @sammyjesus, yes at present the search filters are applied to the source and not individual playlists - a great feature request though so please search our feature request forum to see if it’s been requested and you can like the post to bump up. If not please create one!

There is a request here.

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