Electrical noise problem when plugged into Audio Interface

Hi. I just added an SC6000m to my vinyl based DJ setup in my home studio. My DJ mixer runs into my audio interface, to which my studio monitors are connected. As soon as I plug the SC6000m into my mixer (via line input) I get a lot of electrical interference noise thogh my speakers.

If I plug the outputs of my DJ mixer directly into my monitors the sound is perfect.

I have tried 2 audio interfaces, with the same problem. As soon as I unplug the SC6000m from my DJ mixer the electrical interference noise disapears. My SC6000m is runing the latest firmware, all cables tested.

Has anyone else come accross this problem of SC6000m having issues when connected to a PC audio interface via a DJ mixer? All my gear is high end studio quality and I never have this problem when only my turntables are plugged in. Any help much appreciated

Probably best to give some more detail, which type/brand of mixer, how you’re connecting it (type of cable etc), is the motor spinning, how are they plugged into the mains, what brand audio interface, grounding etc.

MIxers tried are Denon DNX1000 & a Xone 23c. Connected via RCA cabes to line inputs. Err, yes the motor is spinning. The deck works perfectly (As I said, when I plug directly into my monitors all is fine). Again as I said I have tried several audio interfaces including my main whch is a Presonus Studio 1824c. As soon as I remove the SC6000m’s rca cable from the mixer the noise stops. As soon as it touches the terminal the noise is audible. Strange

What happens when you stop the motor on the SC? does that stop the noise?

Did you buy it new and is it still in warranty?

The noise occurs when the motor is on or off. I did by it used, will have to check on warranty. Seems unlikely to be a fault considering it sounds perfect when plugged into just mixer/monitors. Unless you have any thouhts? Thanks for the help btw.

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Honestly, it sounds like it might be a ground loop hum, to me.

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Yeah agreed, any advice on how to fix this issue?

Ground loops can be tricky but there seems to be a loop when both your audio interface and you SC6000 are plugged in through the mixer. You can’t lift the ground on the SC6000 because of the touch platter response. I would try either plugging your computer, mixer and sc6000 onto the same leg of power or, plugging the SC6000 into a separate leg of power (one on a different circuit.

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Thanks for the advice mate, much appreciated. I’ll look into it.

One more question on this. Would using the digital outputs potentially stop this issue? Thanks

Possibly, but that Xone doesn’t have digital inputs does it?

I was going to suggest trying to get hold of a mixer or try it on a mates etc, to see if it’s doing it on other mixers. Then you can pin it down to the player itself.

I’ve tried it with 2 mixers, but both using analogue inputs. I’ll try and borrow something with digital inouts to test that. Mixer upgrade is next on my list anyway so I could switch to something with digital inputs if it solves the issue. The internal wiring in my studio is a bit of weak spot tbh so hoping to find a simple solution!

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Hey, just curious of the need for an interface between the mixer and speakers? Are you running time-code? Or just for recording purposes? Also, is the interface usb powered, or does it have its own power supply?

Hi. I have a full studio full of synths, drum machines, mics etc so my DJ setup runs into the interface along with everything else. Yeah the interface does use a power supply.

I see. I would try different power configurations. DJ Equipment on same outlet as the interface. Or, try separate outlets to see if the noise goes away.

What does the noise sound like?

It sounds like electrical interference/zipper noise. (ground loop I presume). Not 60 cycle hum or anything like that.

After lots of testing today I’ve established the PC is the issue. As soon as the PC and SC are in any way part of the same audio chain the noise starts. Turn off the PC & it stops. The noise happens even if the SC is turned off, but stops when it is taken out of the audio signal path. Tested with various mixers, mixing desks, audio interfaces, cables, power configs etc. Defo a conflict between my PC and the Sc6000m.

Doesn’t sound like a ground loop, but to check if it is, move the PC’s power cable onto the same circuit that the rest of the gear is on.

What type of PC is it? A tower unit?

Maybe a new power module will help, they aren’t mega expensive to replace.

Yeah it’s self built tower.