Egine 1.5 - Copying my whole music library from External HD to my Mac

Hi folks. So i’ve installed Engine 1.5, just to investigate as i’m considering buying an MCX8000.

Can i check if i’m doing something wrong, as this may be a deal breaker for me if this is working as designed.

My iTunes library lives on an external drive, but when i add the music from iTunes to Engine, it’s copying my entire library to the internal drive of my mac. Is this normal, or is there a way to set it not to do this?

I use a MacBook air, so i don’t have a lot of disk space to play with.

Dont hold me to this but i think it has to be on you Mac to analyze your files i had to do it little by little then i just loaded all my files on to my back up laptop that has the room for it and ran it on that one till it done

My files are on external drive too and the one time I made a USB stick in engine, I did not have to copy my external drive.

Check that you didn’t enable a import my collection or similar option in the Engine software.