Effects pedal with x1850 send/return?

I recently received an Eventide H90… hooked it up to my x1850 and the results are… awful. distorted sound, MASSIVE volume roll off when I turn up the effects knob on the mixer, every preset I’ve tried it with sounds like absolute trash. I’ve tried changing various settings on the pedal, nothing has helped. I tried another multi-effects unit through the send/return only to have the same results. Any information on how to get an effects pedal working properly with the x1850 would be greatly appreciated!

Hey, i hooked up some standard guitar stereo pedals to the X1850. Didn’t do anything other than plug in the cables and go to the corresponding send/return Effect on the Mixer. I dont have any problems with sound distortions. Maybe a minimal change in sound when i route the sound through the pedal (without effects engaged) and the x1850 Send/Return effect on. But this will be the cause of the Pedal itself.

I also use the pedals on a Rane MP2015 same results.

The H90 has no left/right marks. Maybe the cables are wrong connected? Some problem with the left and right cable?

Perhaps the h90 has some output level options - like line level vs “other” or options of different input and output dbs etc