EDJ without working trivial functions! Disappointing!

Ever since I got to know the Engine DJ software, I was interested in migrating from Serato to the platform. However, many trivial functions present in other software already solidified on the market, simply DO NOT EXIST in EDJ Desktop (Mac/Win). Here are some that I missed:

1)- Delete music physically from the computer and not only in the collection through a drop-down menu or key combination. This is paramount when we talk about library organization. I want to have the option to physically delete files from my computer when I no longer need them, thus increasing the space on my internal and external HD/SSD and this I want to do within the software as well as in Serato.

2)- Select and delete multiple playlists at once. I haven’t found a way to do this, just one at a time. Imagine if I have more than 50 items, I’ll stay all day to do this.

3)- Move music from Explorer/Finder to Collection. Just nothing happens when you do that. A very complicated way that you found to do it. Something that could be simple, but you made it complicated.

4)- Folder structure on external drives/equipment is completely different from the computer. A strange form of organization! Unable to browse the folder structure when exported to an external device. I want to have the option to browse the folder structure of external drives the same way as on the computer! So it doesn’t make any sense for you to set a proprietary folder structure!

5)- Relocate lost files from the collection when the source folder is changed. Another way to organize the collection. If I change the source folder or even migrate to another computer, I lose my entire collection because EDJ can’t find the songs anymore and that’s it. Serato has had this role for years!

6)- Songs that were played are not identified in the playlist. Just nothing happens! It doesn’t have an identification like a different color, nothing.

7)- Option to change the waveform colors. The white/green/blue color combination is annoying! Where do you think this combination is the best? Just to be different from other software and equipment?

All these functions are also present in the external device of the Prime line. It is not enough to be on the Desktop, it has to be on the devices too, since they are standalone and have a dedicated Linux OS.

I understand that this platform synchronizes the computer with the external device, whether they are PC/Mac, pendrive, HD and/or a Prime line device. So everything I do in one of them will be updated in the other and vice versa. That’s why the devices have bays for installing an SSD/HD and have a USB 3.0 interface, otherwise it wouldn’t make any sense. What I want is that before I play, I connect the equipment to my PC, sync, play and on the way back, reconnect and do a new sync to keep both devices up to date. I think that should be the main idea of ​​the platform. This happens with Rekordbox + USB stick or external HD and it works great!

I think the team needs more effort to resolve these issues so that more people can migrate from other platforms to this one. EDJ is very solid and competent, but it lacks trivial functions like the ones I mentioned and that since the first versions of the program, were never implemented.


Personal preference is good.

You can find out if anyone else has a similar personal preference to your ideas by looking in the feature request section of the forum.

If someone else has already filled out a request form (1 feature per form) for any of your preferences then you can vote for the idea. Every forum member has 10 votes


I understood. But what I can’t come to terms with is that it feels like we’re begging them to put in basic functions that any DJ software needs to have and they don’t put it in the EDJ! It’s already in version 2.2 and none of this has been implemented. That’s what I can’t understand! These functions that I pointed out have in almost all DJ software on the market, except for the Engine. It’s like having to beg an automaker to put a passenger seat or a spare tire! It’s inconceivable!

Exactly. That’s why, for now, I’ll stay at Serato until they decide to work on behalf of the DJs who care about keeping the platform really solid. Of course, there are people who don’t care, so it doesn’t matter to them. Like you, I’m also a mobile DJ and I need to keep my library always updated and structured, and currently, EDJ doesn’t allow that with its retrograde limitations.

Engine DJ is NOT DJ software (for performance, like Serato etc). The Prime series are designed as standalone players, aimed at those who want to move away from using DJ software on a computer.

If you want DJ software there is plenty of choice on the market. If you want to move away from using DJ software on a computer, then there’s the Prime series.


Engine is literally just for prep work. Setting grids, hot cues, loops etc. And make your playlists up. That is all it is designed for that is all it will ever do. Once people understand this then they may acually start to get on with it. Yes its not perfect in what it does but hell that new jag isnt perfect. Is it a learning curve?? you bet. It is made by denon for denon prime products. Its not written for pioneer controllers. Its not written to export to any other software. Its written for the products it serves. If you want something else use something else. Serato still cant provide a "next song suggestion " as in vdj. Vdj still cant turn my washing machine on… which i can do off my 29.99 phone…my phone still cant stop idiots ringing me.

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If it is not a DJ software, what then? Software for children? To use by amateurs? For the price your equipment is charged, your information is totally wrong! The fact that Prime series is standalone equipment does not mean that it cannot be used for performance or battle! And that does not imply the software does not have basic characteristics as I informed!

But as I informed, it does not justify this application does not have the basics I mentioned above. If you conform, ok, it’s a problem with you! I can not accept it. The price Denon charges on his equipment vs what is offered, does not justify! And besides, Prime can work in Serato and VDJ. However, if it is standalone, it makes no sense to use with a computer. If it is to be like this, opt for non-standalones controllers.

The only gripe is relocate lost tracks. Been a feature request since noah started it once he let all the animals out of the ark. See here … vote here


Delete multiple playlists ??? How many do you want to delete.

Wave form colours… red white blue. Blue green pink . Whats the difference as long as one is bass one is mid one is treble.

Folder struture. Thats your organisation you can mimic folder structure very well.

Move music from explorer. Use the engine explorer… simple enough.

Songs played not different colour. Yes they are look at the prime controller. Not in engine thats what a folder called “History” is for.

These are apart from relocating lost tracks which as i said has been a request since the beginning are all operator errors or operator expecting the “Prep software” to be dj software.



Dragging tracks from explorer to playlists works

This is by design and completely justified. You should browse by playlists not by folders. Folder structure is designed to avoid file duplication when the same track is in multiple playlists.

Agree but I guess it will come soon.


You imagined that you unintentionally selected the wrong title or that you accidentally made a multi selection and that you pressed delete too quickly! Not for me !

Serato does not allow you to permanently delete a song from the computer! And we can’t delete several create at the same time

Engine Dj is much more intuitive to add folders containing subfolders, just by dragging and dropping the Root folder which will be injected into Engine Dj will generate all the content. Serato no! you have to do everything manually (even the smart folders, you have to configure them)

The difference is normal, since in the computer we place our music in a specific place and as they are stored in a location Engine Dj will only generate the paths, the analyses, the cues, the loops…in a separate folder. , in the SSD, USB key or SD there will be content grouping the data and all the exported files, RKB with a structure similar to EDJ. (Not to mention that RKB went from being a prep software stage, to a mixing software stage and it took a little over 5 years for the software to be pretty much stable and to start getting a bit mature and to evolve.)

With Serato we have in our hands a real computer and it is a DVS software based on Scratchlive then Itch then SDJ to become SDJ Pro, it has evolved enormously to the point where now… it can even be enough with Serato Play without controller and no vinyl noisemap.

I agree with you on that!

Since it’s a preparation software I don’t see the point on SDJ Pro and earlier version there is this function because it does two things in offline mode it becomes a preparation software and once connected to a sound card , mixing and controller certified or ready to upgrade, it will switch to mixing software mode

Indeed why do like all software, the CDJ 3000 have gone from rgb to Blue Orange and white, it’s not better!

Oh no especially not!!!

You imagine a software bug or that there has been an accidental deletion of a file or folder and that when you connect your player to the computer this famous bug has deleted some or all of the folders and that when you connect the player it removes everything in it! It’s too risky !

On the other hand, I will agree to have in EDj an inverse function of “Sync Manager (export of Playlists)” the “Sync to Engine Dj” function which would be used for importing, it would allow us to recover one or more playlists folders created internally with the Prime drive(s) or dedicated support, in case we accidentally deleted one or more folders in EDJ or worse if a virus forces us to format our PC or Mac, or the computer is out of order , this function would allow us to recover all our library from the different drives or media in the computer thanks to this import function in EDJ, it will save us from having to start the whole library again.


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