Echo out effect

Hi I’m fairly new to this forum so forgive me if this has already been answered, I have a Prime 4 before that I’d used Traktor for years, one of my Favourite Traktor effects was creating an echo out with a long tail off time, I can’t seem to replicate it with the Denon I just end up using the wash filter effect by turning it to the right, I haven’t found any competing platforms that can match the way Traktor implements it

I use the traditional method on my prime 2 with the standard echo then dropping the fader of the playing track, turning the effect parameter all the way around helps but the tail off isnt super long. Ive not really explored many other effects on there so not sure if there is a dedicated echo out function in the software effects.

There are effects improvements on the way apparently, with some teasers being shown on the last update video.

You can also set the Effect in FX and than press the Param Button - however, the tail off is not very long

I miss the superlong delay on Traktor too, I can make the SC Live 4’s echo last a bit longer by increasing the beats/bars of it as its tailing off, but you do have to time it well

As workaround you can use the roll effect and fade out manually?