Dynamic Beatgrids

MixMasterG has just released a video today explaining the problem with Engine’s beat gridding process. The software’s approach is fundamentally flawed and the fact that over 2 years in, it is still has not been addressed by Denon is outrageous. We’ve heard about significant financial commitments made by the company into software development yet this issue continues to be ignored. Is anybody listening? More importantly, is anybody at Denon/Inmusic doing anything about this?? If you can’t figure this out, perhaps an acquisition would make more sense (eg, Virtual DJ). It’s gotten to the point where Denon is losing face with users. From my perspective, Denon gets kudos for cutting-edge hardware development, BUT the software needs to be fixed and soon. I would appreciate a comment back from Denon on my post. Thank you.


This has been said many, many times now and Denon asked for answers but nothing apart from “we’re aware”

Good luck with getting a response but I would doubt anything new will be said regarding your post.

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Well documented in the forums

My guess is that the Pitch algorithm is struggling with the warping hence the slow down/speed up noticed when the tracks are fixed to a steady BPM

Etc etc


Yes I am aware this has been mentioned many times before. MixMasterG’s video is a roadmap for what Denon needs to do. There are no more excuses…


You could same the same thing about the poor chap who on top of receiving no answer to his post still can’t perform what you would regard as a basic library management essential feature of EP ie:update iTunes in EP without it going on to remove many weeks worth of cue points loops etc. There appears to be lots wrong still with EP 1.3.3

I hear you. We all have personal gripes about EP. It does get difficult to stand by a company when you feel ignored. This comes down to communicating what they are doing and when they expect to deliver it. And because they don’t provide this information, a vacuum is created, rightly filled by disenchanted users like us. This is textbook stuff on how destroy brand loyalty.

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… letting trolls stay is another

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I thought personal attacks were not allowed on this forum. Have a differing opinion does not make someone a troll.

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Only 2 weeks on the forum. He/she will not last very long this way.

But his comments are factual. Why would someone be banned for stating something true and an opinion shared by many others?


I would like to thank kradliffe & trafford for their support. And my intent was not to troll anyone. Rather to express my extreme frustration at the lack of progress by Denon in this area. I, like most of you, have supported the company purchasing their hardware (which I think is still class leading). The software is where it falls apart and that is all. The forum is designed for many things and providing feedback to the manufacturer is one of them. Cheers

This part is the only part of what he said that I’d disagree with. After all, work in progress or being worked on , is very different from an issue being ignored.

But I agree it’s been worked on or whatever, for a long long time

I just want to point out I first mentioned flexible beat grids two years ago. Thanks @mufasa for liking that thread, I completely forgotten about it.


I was just about to post a thread asking about the beatgrid, mostly it’s fine and correct and all since I’m playing mostly Techno-ish music, can imagine that being easy to beatgrid.

However i have noticed some tracks with a bit more “sounds” to be really really off with the beatgrid, like its all over the place which makes them hard to mix (for me) since i don’t have the visual representation of the beats laid out for me.

Denon needs to hire MixMasterG. One thing I noticed recently - if I manually fix the bpm by doubling it on Engine Prime software when I transfer it back into the Prime4 harddrive and play it - it sometimes re-analyzes it perfectly and fixed the beat grid. It doesn’t do this for all tracks - but I’ve been pleasantly surprised.