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Which DVS software can I currently use with the X1800?

To my knowledge only serato at the moment.

Officially Serato DJ Pro.

Virtual DJ works with every thing under the sun I will be surprised if it doesn’t work with the X1800

Traktor if you know the hack…Google is your friend

Unfortunately it only works with Serato with a paid DVS upgrade. I was hoping to either see partnership with one of these platforms or DVS built into the prime software by now.

What’s the hack? google isn’t my friend :joy:

The Traktor hack is no longer necessary with Traktor 3.

In Traktor 2 you can edit the hex files in Traktor 2 to enable DVS in non supported mixers.

Ok, cool. But I have traktor 3 and still can’t get it to work. I must be doing something wrong. Do you know if there is any video on how to set it up? Can’t find anything.

Thanx for your reply!

Note: This still requires the use of TRAKTOR SCRATCH Timecode media and will not work with any Timecodes from 3rd-party manufacturers.

Download the Traktor Timecode media and put on a USB to test it out.

Did you switch the X1800 to USB or DVS? Try both.

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