DVS Denon DN-X600

Hi I am after some advice please, last week my old mixer just gave in, and fortunately just as I was searching through a selling page this Denon DN-X600 mixer caught my eye, I couldn’t turn it down at £120 pounds it’s never been used still in wrapper and boxed don’t think the person selling new what it was (bonus). Being a simple vinyl DJ, I’ve seen on YouTube etc that this cans be used for DVS, I am just after some information really on what I need, best program etc that will work with this mixer, I have windows 10 and plenty of storage with lots of wav files. Thanks in advance. Shane

Hello @Shanos77

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I would suggest going with Traktor pro 3 or Virtual Dj - both these programs will work with X600 mixer fine. Just check for latest Denon dj asio or any asio that will be stable with this mixer. If it goes for traktor - I can help You to set it up later on.

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Hi Thanks for getting back, when you say Asio is this something something you’ll find when downloading the software for the Denon mixer? Regards Shane

Asio is an audio driver for windows. Specific for this mixer ASIO driver you can find here:


Also user manual:


And latest firmware for the mixer if it’s not up to date:



Thanks for all your input, I am sure I will get my head round it when I get into it, just handy for some knowledge before I jump straight in! Regards Shane


Just a heads up: it’s a old mixer and does not have updated asio audio drivers for windows and is not recognised under newer macos.

But, you can use 3rd party asio drivers for win10 os like the asio4all. Please search the forum for the instructions, I believe we posted it here before.

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