Dual USB functionality

Hey there, I am in the market for the MC7000. I’m curious if I can connect 2 laptops, one running Serato video and the other Serato DJ and use the MC7000 to control both at the same time (in reality, have another person control the other deck). Is this something that is feasible - more for fun rather than live DJ/VJ’ing. Also having never used Serato before I wanted to confirm that anything done live can be recorded for later playback? Thank you!


That’s not what they are designed for. It’s for change overs.

Just curious why do you want to set up like that.

cool thank you. because in a YouTube review of the product, the host mentioned that someone could use the controller to dj on one laptop and control lighting software on another. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7VwmBNWDxpY. assumed as an extension that video software would be another option…

You can DJ with Serato and control Lighting at the same time using Soundswitch. This will be by running both apps on the same laptop though.

This is where i got confused. Serato DJ and Serato video usually runs on the same machine.

If you are looking to have someone else control your visuals with another laptop then you need to look into a program like Resolume or GrandVJ

Resolume and GrandVJ both have various ways to get bpm data into it over a network eg midi clock, SPMTE, ableton link, NDI, Timecode etc

You can be playing with Serato DJ on one laptop, then use Ableton Link to transmit serato’s bpm to Resolume/GrandVJ running on another computer. The other computer will preferably have its own controller for Resolume/GrandVJ. I use the Akai APC40 MK II.

The 7000 doesn’t have midi clock out

I had a quick look at the video. I’m not sure how what he explained can be achieved. Maybe others can chime in