DS1 officially discontinued

Denon DS1 has officially been discontinued and put in legacy but still supported. Very sad this happened but guess it was no longer a hot seller.

The last of a generation dies.

now all turning knobs and pressing buttons with controllers. The art of vinyl and real Djs is of the past

Not really. DVS just moved on to being built into Effects Pads, Mixers and paid software upgrades.

Also, technically Pioneer still have an interface in production available.

Pioneer DJ Interface 2 for Rekordbox DVS

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The art of Vinyl will never die. It’s still being pressed, so no DVS interface is needed.

DVS has actually seen a huge resurgence recently. Every modern mixer (with the exception of Playdifferently Models) has a DVS ready interface built in.

Wow, Serato really should open up “DJ” to any soundcard now.


E C H O ! ! ! ! :sunglasses:

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Serato should make their own cards instead. I don’t know why they haven’t already.

Because they’re not a hardware company?


Neither is Traktor but that didn’t stop them.

I just wish Serato would support my 'effin, Xone:96, but that’s SUPER UNLIKELY to happen. Then again, it took them 6 years to support the DB4, so there’s still a possibility it might get supported in the future. But, I haven’t been a Serato user since back in 2017 when I bought my PX5. Serato refused to support it, and I just kind of stopped using it. I went all in on Rekordbox at that time. Honestly, I don’t even think I want to go back. But it would be nice to have the option.

I’m pretty content with my SC6Ks though. Looking forward to what the next SC deck is gonna’ be like in 3 or 4 years. In fact, the culture over here at Denon DJ reminds me a lot of the culture of Serato in the ScratchLIVE days, and that’s a good thing!!


I think someone has confused Native Instruments (a company that makes pretty much all its hardware) for Traktor.

The point that was failed to be seen is Serato don’t make hardware gear and Native Instruments or Traktor if some prefer to mistake the hardware/software brand name does make its own gear.


But yet we all still all get the point.

Can y’all stop hijacking threads to argue? Go to dm’s or get a room ffs.

Back on topic, Serato is the last holdout on hardware locking.

Agreed, I didn’t want to simply delete the arguing in another topic, but eventually staff did.

I’m going to delete the posts that argue about a childish Traktor/NI corrections. If I say iOS, everybody knows it’s Apple (some would say Cisco…). And no, iOS isn’t a hardware company that builds iPhones… pfff people, grow up!


I tried but I’ve been put on mute. :disappointed:. How do I change my user name to HighJacker?:skull_and_crossbones:

I :innocent: pretty much got ambushed and I felt I was diplomatic. Someone :alien: has it out for me.

So does this mean DS1’s no longer work with Serato DJ Pro? Because all of a sudden mine isnt working.

For some reason, Serato is not receiving any signal from my 1200’s. The DS1 hardware is registering in Serato but when I put the needle down there is nothing. The virtual deck doesn’t even spin??

I’ve just changed RCA leads, The set up play vinyl fine. Really confused to what it could be? Tried both line & phone settings on the DS1 & my mixer.

Any ideas?

It will still be supported in Serato DJ for a while yet so I wouldn’t worry about that. They still support the SL2/3/4 etc.

This sounds like an issue with settings, I take it they aren’t in INTernal mode? I guess they aren’t but I had to ask. Check in on the Serato forums as they generally have an active community that can pinpoint DVS issues quickly. Denon DJ made the hardware but the Serato forums are the place to go for any software issues. Well, that’s unless the box is faulty!

Is the DVS plugin activated and good to go? Check there is no driver update and also that the version is good enough to work with your computer. Some updates get a little funky.

Check your privacy settings if you are on Mac

Allow mic access

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This! This one just got me yesterday. I borrowed an M1 to give it a spin and was like, ytf cant I use DVS with this DJM. :-p

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