DS1 Audio Problem

I have seen a couple posts already about the DS1 having trouble with audio out of one of the channels. I am having an issue with my left channel giving out a weak signal or level. I have done a lot of troubleshooting and came to the conclusion that it is the DS1 itself. I am using Macbook pro running serato with DVS vinyl. I have sent a requet for help as well to Denon but have yet to get a reply. I am just over a year of using the interface and would be pretty weak if this product is no longer useful. Any suggestions?

You said you did a lot of troubleshooting, does that include using DS1 with other DJ software on your laptop resulting in the same issue? Did you test using a different laptop/OS?

9/10 when people say they did troubleshooting they barely did anything meaningful to narrow the cause of the issue.

Troubleshooting included:

Switching channels on my mixer - trying said DS1 output onto different mixer channels

Switching cables from the mixer to the DS1 - trying a different cable out of the DS1

Switching cables from the turntables to the DS1 - Trying a different cable into the DS1

Using a different macbook running Serato - I have two different mac pros running two different mac o/S and two different serato versions

Checking the levels and adjusting them in Serato - This is hard to do but the levels on serato are synced and one channel (left) coming out of the DS1 is louder than the other (right)

All of this leads to a failure in the DS1 unit. The problem follows the left channel output.

I am not familiar with using a different DVS program with the DS1 as I assumed it is Serato specific. I will try some more trouble shooting later so its possible I missed something. I have contacted Denon but have yet to receive any response so I might have to seek a refund from the dealer and look into an upgrade as this product is discontinued

You can use the free trial of Traktor 3, VDJ or the fully free one: Mixxx. Actually, you don’t even have to use a DJ program at all, just use it as a default sound interface for your OS and see if you still get the same issue when you play audio from Youtube or whatever. If it’s a hardware issue within the DS1 then it must be preset no matter how you use the interface.

Only if you get the same issue using other DJ program.

I’ve seen several similar problems reported here and on Serato forums (most common one distorted sound from one channel), some said the issue was only in Serato, others had the same issue no matter how they used the DS1.

And btw, there’s no “upgrade” in the external interface product category for this, Serato stopped supporting Rane interfaces in new versions of SDJ so you will either need to get a replacement DS1 or buy a newer SDJ supported mixer with integrated audio interface.

Okay, A little embarrassing here but I found the problem. Good advice from SlayForMoney and I had another look through my setup, where I found the contour knobs on my mixer for the channel faders were out of sync, something I usually dont mess with but somehow had. So the solution to the problem was to keep checking in order to eliminate all possibilities. Big ups to Slay for the help! A new perspective to viewing how things are setup and/or used.