Dropbox not connecting - says 'No Local Source Drive'

I’ve tried connecting to my Dropbox folder and I went through the steps of going to dropbox.enginedj.com and entering the code provided by my Prime 4 and on the website it’s said All Done it should give you access in a few seconds, however all I’m getting on the Prime 4 is an error popup message that says:

‘No Local Source Drive Available to Sync Data’

There’s no issue with the internet and it’s connected to WIFI.

Any ideas why it’s not working?

I’m currently on Engine Prime 4 version 2.3.2 (I’m reluctant to upgrade today as I need to the Prime and last time I upgraded a number of issues occured which caused me a nightmare such as my SD card wasn’t compatible)

LOCAL source = USB, SD or SSD drive… You need a place to store metadata when running the streaming files.

Thanks NoiseRiser

Ok will try when I’m back home so you mean I just need a USB or SD card plugged into the prime for Dropbox to work?

When I tried earlier neither were connected.

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You need to have a usb stick or drive or a card connected and selected as source before selecting the dropbox or other streaming media. That way You tell the device to write metadata to that drive. Otherwise history data, beat grids, bpm, key and hot cues will have no place to get saved and You get that error message.

Hey guys, following this chat has sorted me out with Dropbox, so big thanks. I had reported previously that I could not connect to Dropbox (to Prime 4) with all sorts of messages coming up (link can’t be found etc). However, just this morning, reading the post and trying the link, it all worked, not one glitch, and connection to Dropbox seamless and running good. At the moment it just shows artists and no playlists (to be fair the tracks on my Dropbox account are not the playlists/folders), so will need to sort that out.

Saying all that, and having got over the excitement, not sure if I really will even use it much (if at all). Not missed not having it as all my music is on the internal hard drive, backed up to a couple of externals, and synced (downloaded) across my 2 iPhones, 3 macs and two pc laptops (as well as dotted across several usb/sd cards). And if everything else fails, there is the good old reliable cd/vinyl!

Just happy its connected and works now.


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