Driving me nuts and need it tomorrow :-( how to add song to a playlist and some other questions

I have 2 SC5000m units, recently updated to Engine OS 3.3.0. I use them mainly at home for a bit of mixing. Now I want to use them for an xmas party and try to create a playlist (which I haven’t done before). Haven’t used them for a while, in the past we had ‘crates’ this seems disappeared.

Now I am trying to add track to a playlist (on the unit, not on a PC), search on internet, but it seems many answers are related to different software versions. I would expect: play a track → long push and get a menu option “add to playlist” , this obviously does not work.

Then I see some explanations on internet where they select a track with a kind of ‘circle’ (I get an headphone when I select it) and when I drag it to the playlist I get “Prepare, release to accept” This seems also not to work.

It seems very basic and I am unable to do it and need it tomorrow :frowning:

It also leads me to some other questions: is it possible to save the prepare list as a playlist and is there a way to create a playlist on the fly (e.g. live) ?

And another question… suppose I have a USB drive with music (with folders) Is there a simple way create a database on the PC with Engine DJ. I would expect to go to “drives” select analyze and that’s it. But it s seems the only way is dragging folders around, or am I missing something.

I like the unit, but if feels the basic database management is overly complicated and counter intuitive.

You can download the 3.3 Engine desktop user guide from this link.

Thanks for the reply. This is the desktop user guide, but I am trying to do it on a player, not on the desktop.

And the manual on this link shows (including some screenshots)

“To add tracks to your playlist, tap a track to select it, and the open circle will become filled. After selecting tracks, tap and hold to move the tracks. You can drag the tracks over a playlist and release your finger to instantly add them.”

I do not get the ‘open circle’ but a headphone symbol and when drag it to the playlist it says “Prepare, release to accept” and ends op in the prepare list, not in the playlist. It seems the manual is out of date or somehow unclear.

If you go to the same link, select your device from the dropdown on the ‘OS’ side… then download the latest manual for the SC5000, you can then find ‘editing playlists’ in there.

Personally I wouldn’t be using your workflow at all, id have my music stored on a computer, organise it in the desktop software, including analysis. I would then use Sync Manager to synchronise this to a blank USB drive, then plug that into the machine and all your prep work will be visible on the device.

Edit: just to add, you need all your music in the ‘collection’ part of the software, then you create playlists out of that collection.

I am now trying to do that. But sometimes it’s also good to create a playlist ‘on the fly’ I assume there must be an easy way to do that.

Yeah so getting the OS manual for your product then looking for ‘editing playlists’ in there will sort you out.

It’s page 47 in my Prime 2 manual.

Just one other thing to note, if you’re going to use the desktop app to manage your collection and make changes on the device, you’ll need to make sure you ‘sync to engine’ in the sync manager before exporting to the drive, otherwise your export will overwrite all the on device changes.

Thanks for your reply. I succeeded once to add 4 track to the playlist, also able to delete them again, but when trying to repeat it I couldn’t.

Now when I press the ‘playlist icon’ at the right top I see my playlist name. I can select the playlist, select the edit button (with the pencil) Then in the right part of the screen I get “No tracks found” And most of the buttons do not work. Is there not a simple way to search for a track listen it and (if you like it) add it to the playlist ?

Unfortunately im the wrong person to fully assist with any of that as I do all my prep work on the computer prior to loading it to the machine.

I use the search on my device regularly though, and also the playlist sorting options to sort by ‘date added’ ‘BPM’ ‘Artist’ etc.