Driver for Win10

Hallo I bought last week a Denon DN-X 1500. Now i would update the mixer. But under win10 there are no drivers. Is there a way or exist drivers to update? I known that i can update with win98. But who has today this system?

Dude you bought a mixer from 2003 and expect to get up-to-date drivers for the current PC OS’s?

This is a legacy product for a reason…

I had a x1500 a while ago

The usb on the back is for firmware updates only.

It’s not midi and there’s no sound card so there’s no drivers needed - ever


I know. But it’s not the latest firmware on it. Other companys could do that. i use denon the last 30 years. For other products from denon you get old drivers.

But the most important thing.


If you want or could help. Than answer. Otherwise don’t do that.


You need for update the mixer drivers. That the pc find the mixer as an usb device.

I don’t think there will be a windows 10 driver for the x1500 mixer. The mixer stopped being made and sold around the time of windows 7

Also, have a look in the pdf file that used to download inside the zip file with the firmware - it might update from a usb memory drive only, not a PC

A lot of the old gear used to update by a file on a usb drive then powering on the mixer with a certain group of buttons held down during the power on to start the firmware pull in from the usb drive. You might not need a pc at all to update firmwares

Before you bother finding someone with an OS that you can use for the purpose of updating your X1500, have you checked and ensured you don’t indeed already have the latest firmware on it?

No you can’t update from usb drive. Only via pc!!! And you get only driver older than win7!!!

Sure i wrote that there is not the latest firmeware on it!!!

I use Denon over 30 years

You could either update it using an old pc or laptop, or send it to denon, maybe they have a way

The other thing is I don’t recall any of the x1500 firmwares being significant. I think one update was just to adjust the black x1500 to take the cross fader personalities from the x1500s (silver)

It might be good to check what any newer firmware offers you. You could be going to a lot of trouble for nothing. Is there a pacific problem you’re having that you’re hoping firmware will resolve ?

I think is teh easier way to find old pc with win98. thx for your ideas.