Drive overload indicator

I’ve intermittently had issues loading a track where the system seems like it’s frozen for 5-10 seconds. I haven’t been able to predictably recreate this but I’ve only had the issue with a couple of fairly old USB drives (haven’t had a problem with any SD cards) so my assumption is that the cause is a slow USB drive. Currently there doesn’t seem to be any visual indicator that would show the system is responsive but loading rather than non-responsive.

Similar programs’ features I’m thinking of are Ableton Live’s disc overload indicator or Traktor’s orange flashing status bar, just so that I can trust it’s still working and leave it alone for a few seconds and not instinctively make things worse by hitting buttons to figure out what’s going on.

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Hello, Maybe try posting it in the feature request area, and follow the correct form?

Done - hopefully! Been about a decade and a half since I last navigated an old-school style forum, seems I got a bit lost and posted to the section of the wrong tab I had open!

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You posted in the right section, but it did not follow the template; so I moved it to General. :wink:

New one does and it can be found here:

I’ll close this topic accordingly.