Download TIDAL tracks to PRIME GO for offline use

In order to make use of the whole TIDAL service for professional and/or semi professional gigs it would be inevitable to be able to download tracks onto the device (SD Card / USB drive / internal) for offline usage.

@DENON please discuss this possibility with TIDAL and take it into consideration for the next Engine OS update, as it is technically totally feasible and just a question of your agreements.

@All: Like this topic, if you want this too.


The thing is, Tidal isn’t really a service that’s aimed at DJs. If it was, they’d list BPM and key info for example.

Tidal doesn’t provide offline mode in any of the DJ programs that integrate it.

Offline mode is purely for phones and tablets, and then only when using their own app.

If you’re a working professional, best solution is to buy your music. Second option is to use a service that’s specifically for DJs (i.e. Beatport/Beatsource) and does offer offline storage.

Offline storage on Prime kit is most likely to start with those services anyway.

It would be nice. I already use Tidal and Beatsource professionally at paid gigs on the Primes. Why would that feature be there on professional equipment if it wasn’t supposed to be used in that context?

Beatsource just announce the expanded the offline locker to 1000 tracks. That feature is available in Serato and maybe other DJ software. It’s not available in Engine OS yet, but if Denon wants to stay competitive, I assume it will be at some point.

Another outside factor to consider is the recently passed infrastructure bill. That will improve internet connections everywhere. DJs streaming music full time seems to be the goal. That also makes sure artists are paid.


That’s exactly the point. If Denon offers this hardware while insisting it is “professional” equipment and not only for amateur/privat users, this streaming service feature only makes sense if you can use it independently and reliably without an active internet connection. Otherwise it’s not productively usable in clubs or on stage, as you cannot ensure a proper connection all the time and also it’s too slow having to load each individual track one by one.

Actually, if I had known this issue before (I just assumed offline saving would definitely possible on such equipment) I might not have bought it. Sure I can use the mp3s I bought, but I want to come away from that expensive and inefficient workflow. We all learned how much convenience services like Spotify brought to consumers, so why not having the same thing for DJs? There is no point.

Hotspot to a smartphone and it’s mere seconds for a track download. Add some more seconds to analyze a track if not played yet. When loaded, no internet is required.

I do agree about offline locker functions for those track you’d always want to have with you.

Correct me if I’m wrong but I’m pretty sure there is no DJ hardware from any manufacturer that provides offline storage. Even the “industry standard” doesn’t have onboard streaming yet, let alone storage.

We’re in 2021 now. I think it’s safe to say most venues would have a landline/fibre internet connection - even if it’s just in their office. It’s their responsibility to route that to the DJ booth. The DJs need to inform the venue that it’s required.

The issue is not so much lack of offline storage. More that DJs need to be supplied with a hardwired network connection in venues.


offline streaming would be cool. I’m currently doing around 150 gigs per year and as Tidal pays the highest royalties, as artist could potentially make more from DJs streaming a song rather than purchasing it.

I actually never thought the day that this would be possible where an artist would make more from streaming than physical sales!

Well, technically, if you have a BPM Supreme subscription and a Prime controller, you have 100% offline storage on your DJ hardware from a subscription based DJ Music Pool.

If venues provided hardwired internet with Fiber speeds, offline storage would be obsolete. But… you’re still at the mercy of that internet connection.