Doing a 4 channel, 2 phrase bridge mix

This video demonstrates how to do (what I call) a bridge mix, where you use an “extra” track (usually a loop) to fill in the dry beat space. In this case, I’m using 4 channels total.

Feel free to ask questions, as there’s a lot going on in this video.

For those of you with a keen ear, did you detect that the “This is how my drummer” loop’s release sounds different than the 1st? If so, please reply to this thread as to why. =) (i’m asking to generate thought & conversation, not because I don’t know :rofl:)


I cant answer the question but i do love having a short loop (usually a vocal chop) playing in background behind 2 other tracks, sometimes ill even leave it bubbling away for a 5/6 minutes if it fits.

There is a hook from the TImo Jahns mix of Sade-Pearls that works awesome underneath a deep house track, i reckon you could get away with having it play for 30 mins or more haha… in fact i might make a mix and do it just to see how it sounds.


I like the inclusion of din daa daa, absolute classic, also the Ashford and Simpson sample coming in at the end :wink: (got about 5 different versions of it, one of our favourites)… If i understand you right you’re asking about the difference between the first loop of that vocal and the 2nd? is it using stored loops (i dont know the official name) and its a 2 beat loop to start with which you shorten to a one beat.

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That’s part of the sound change, yes. :slight_smile: The 2nd release (when I let the sample play out) is slightly different.

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Similar to my technique too.

On vinyl only I used to use my RedSound SoundBite Pro to create these loops that can be chopped and tweaked live along with a filter. Amazing but if kit for just vinyl heads.


There was an ‘effect’ on the DJM-600 that allowed for 4 beat loops too, used to keep time very well :slight_smile:

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I’ve still got my RedSound Soundbite XL fully boxed like new. I’ve just checked Reverb and they are selling for £600-700. It only cost me £120 from RedSound direct around 14 years ago. You sometimes see the North American version licensed to Peavey.

I had the very first version of it too around 2000-ish. That was the Cycloops (later renamed C-Loops).

When I go all-vinyl I use it.