Does Engine Dj work with MWM Phase

Can I use MWM Phase with Engine DJ

How would You want to use it? Engine Dj is a library software, not djing software like serato or traktor…

I know you can use phase with virtual DJ. I want to see if there are plans for engine DJ to work with phase as well

No, as Engine Dj is not a dj software.

Dude, stop being a ■■■■■■■ tool. If Engine is not DJ software, then why canI do just as much as Serato.

Sorry if @NoiseRiser offends you, but the harsh reality is that Engine DJ is not DJ software. It’s only purpose is to prepare USB sticks which serve in Engine OS devices like Prime 4, SC6000 and so on. It has 2 decks available, for the sole purpose to check cuepoints, beatgrids, loops, and so on. It does not support USB controllers, DVS soundcards or any of that. It can’t even output it’s 2 decks on 2 seperate stereo pairs on your soundcard, it doesn’t have an onboard mixer (except for the simple summing of said decks), and it can’t even communicate with the said Engine OS devices in a “Pioneer Link mode”-like way.

So no, you can’t use MWM Phase with it, and I doubt this will be the case in the near feature, because Denon would first have to turn Engine DJ into DJ software.

Stop calling people names if You can’t take reality. It’s not my fault that You can’t take a normal answer and live with it. I told You 2 times that You can’t dj with Engine prime/engine dj desktop version. It’s not up to me to make You happy about it. I suggest that you act normal to normal response. Like we all do here.

I hope @Johan explained it clear enough to You.

Wow, that is really…something.

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