Does denon prime 4+ have pitch time tone like serato controller dj

can you guys let me know if i has that feature

If i understand you right, are you asking if the Prime 4 can read a DVS time code signal? The answer is no it can’t.

If you mean ‘pitch play’ where you can pitch up and down say a vocal in an instrumental way, then i think you might be able to with the key change feature but not 100%.

yes i mean pitch play

Rejected your new request. :wink: Vote here:


thx bruv,i hope soon they add this feature

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A semi successful workaround for the moment could be to tap on the key then tab up or down to increase or decrease the key of the track… it could work for those small 4 beat fills prior to a drop that you hear on a lot of deep house type tracks… its not the full play but its an option.

I’m actually surprised this hasn’t been done on the Prime units yet. Obviously lots to do in the software in general but we already have the key adjust and we have spare performance pad modes (via a double press). It’s just marrying the two together.

Mapping the key semitones to a key (like Serato do) would be cool.