Does Denon DJ overwrite the Serato Datas?

Sorry guys… I’m very new in the Denon DJ Game and work since 2007 with Serato. So I searched in this forum but did not find an answer of my question. Maybe its because of my worse english… Anway.

When I import all Serato playlists into EP to export them on a USB, does EP overwrite the Datas of Serato or are there still all Hot Cues, Loops, Flips etc. Saved?

I just want to go right, cause Serato will always be my first DJing choice, but i use the Sc6000 as back up and Tidal/Beatsource source for clubs and corporate events.

Thanks A LOT for your help🙏

No… serato uses its own database within the Serato folder on drive engine nakes a database in a folder called Engine. So you can happily run both on same drive with different cues loops etc if you want to


Oh thank you so much for this positive answer👌

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