Does Denon answer support questions during Covid?

Hello everyone,

I want to know about your experience with Denon Support. I wrote them a support ticket a half year ago, receive a confirmation by mail but never received a response. Furthermore, I have created a topic here in the forum and have not received any answer:

Is it normal to wait half a year for an answer?

Covid probably made a difference. But shouldn’t have made that much difference. So you’re trying shame here now?

It’s not possible to reply to your own thread so a new thread is the solution. No shame in that.

I guess it is Covid. I also work from home and do support from home so I can understand the situation for someone in support. Still, after a half year waiting it is not shaming to ask if this is normal.

If someone says this is normal, I can wait longer. If someone else received an answer during that time, it would mean that mine got overlooked. Still not shame in that so what exactly was your question ?

I meant “so you are now trying to shame denon”

You know , by starting second post about same thing as your first post

This should not be normal. And yes, replying to an old or own post is mostly blocked after a certain amount of time.

I’ll tag @JWiLL to check. Perhaps DM him with your details in advance.

The original topic had a specific question, so I hope he can clear that up.

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Thank you for your help @Reese and @muelle54 .

It’s no shaming, only your perception. It is in my interest to get an answer even if it is too late to give the device back. I am showing the Prime Go to everyone interested here in the community. If people ask me if I recommend it, the support is an aspect as well for a device in that price category. You might think differently and that is okay but this is my opinion.

Take care and stay safe!


The elaborate a bit:

  • It is not normal to wait so long for a support answer.
  • You are correct in making another topic as no one answered to your first, plus you could not reply to your own topic anymore.


I’ll close the first one for now.

Try calling 01252 896040 - gets you right through to the service department… Any other route is pointless, sadly.

Thank you. I tried calling back then but noone answered after beeing redirected in the call. I should try again around this time. Thanks again!

It can take a while for them to answer - I have spoken to them a few times over the last 2 weeks, so I know they definitely answer it, even if it takes them a while.

Good luck.