Does anybody man the form that is sent from the website when people send questions for support?

I send a message from the webform, weeks ago ZERO response. I cannot find anywhere tin my Prime4 Box to claim the copy of Serato. Where is it? Don’t really want to air problems here that should have been solved through the initial method, but you guys have to answer.

Is there a free copy of serato with primes?

Or is it just that serato, if you’ve got it already, sort of works with primes?

Prime4 will unlock Serato Pro. Just install from:

Google is your friend

Although the answer is available in the public domain, it still concerns me that people are not getting responses from CS.

They probably read it and thought it wasn’t worth responding :rofl:

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Luckily you don’t work in customer service or if you do you should probably find a new role.

Honestly, does there really need to be something in the box for you to work out what you need to do?

FYI Serato support was added several months after the units began shipping.

The information is easily found online - in fact the first result on Google is the page I posted earlier, which tells you that the Prime 4 unlocks Serato. Do you need customer services to give you instructions on using Google?


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