Does Ableton link only work over wifi?

Wondering if anyone else is having this issue? I have 2 sc6000s connected to my 1850 over ethernet. The SC6000s work as expected, I can download tracks with ease, use sync, basically do anything that would have them talk to one another. However, the Ableton Link only works when I enable Wifi on my 6000s. Is that how it’s supposed to be, WiFi only?

Otherwise, I get a 0 Link devices in the top right of my screens. I’ve confirmed that they’re all on the same network and subnet, checked my router and network settings, the only way this works is if I turn on wifi.

I suppose some might say just stick with wifi but my wifi network is exponentially slower and prone to interference in comparison to my wired. I live in an apartment building, there’s about 100 networks here, and I have to close the door to my studio which reduces the signal. All that said, it seems like Ableton Link should work just the same when connected via ethernet vs. wifi.

Check the video: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

  • I have wifi on, 2 devices
  • I turn wifi off, 0 devices - However I’m connected via ethernet
  • I set my source to beatport and browse

It should work over WiFi. I think I remember trying it before as I get quite a lot of latency on my router meaning around half a second of audio that’s out of sync.

Sorry maybe I phrased this poorly.

Why does it only work over Wi-Fi? Shouldn’t it also work when connected via Ethernet? Especially when the 6000s are connected to the 1850. It doesn’t make sense that it only works over Wi-Fi.

You may have to turn off your WiFi for the Ethernet to work. This recommended for all Ethernet connections as it prioritises WiFi first.

Press the WiFi off button then connect and see if Lino works that way.

I never have wifi turned on and my players work as expected. Check out the video I posted in my orig post - Devices are connected to wifi, AbletonLink sees 2 devices, I disable wifi, then browse to beatport to confirm that I still have an active connection meanwhile AbletonLink shows 0 devices.

It’s only AbletonLink that requires a wifi signal to work properly. I’ve submitted a bug ticket but I’ve had 3 others sitting in the queue for well over a month now :slightly_frowning_face: Is there a support account name like I can reach out to on here?