Does a SC5000M remember how you sorted your playlists?

Hi Guys, I’m considering to sell my Prime 4 en buy SC5000M because the Prime 4 can NOT remember how you sorted your playlist. I like my playlists sorted by BPM AND I want my playlist to remember at what track I was when I left the playlist. So for example I am in my eighties playlist at Michael Jackson on 110 bpm…I go to my nineties playlist, pick a song there…go back to my eighties list and it is still at the MJ track on 110 bpm. Can a SC5000M do that ??? Thanks for your help !!

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Did you not read the manual? “playlists are lists of tracks arranged in a specific order” (my emphasis).

I checked the manual. I know you can sort playlists on different variables but does a 5000M remember my choice ?? A Prime does NOT. Even Itunes will remember how you sorted a playlist or even your entire library.

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Don’t think there’s a difference as it both uses a similar OS.

Yeah this would be a really great improvement to engine prime. Having to constantly switch the sorting and find your location again is really annoying.

Signed: SC5000 owner

I believe crates remember your sort choice.

Again, playlists are tracks in a fixed order. Ergo, if you shuffle stuff around, it won’t stay - because it’s not in the original order. See manual - difference between crates and playlists.

I think what Menno wants to know if he will not only be back to the original sorting, but also to the last track as well. As PKtheDJ PK pointed out the sorting will be lost in crates. I saw that in a video tutorial recently. It was mentioned that only playlists will maintain a specific order. But I doubt that you will be back to the last track when you come back from a different crate or playlist. And I also think that if you change the filter criteria in the other crate or playlist this new filter will be carried over to the other playlists as well.

Serato has something called Playing Track Focus, perhaps that may be doable feature request.

It’s an a optional choice.

If you play a track from a crate or ALL, the track will always be the focused one when you switch back to the playlist or crate or collection.

But the track has to be loaded to a deck.