Does 2.0 Firmware fix the screen freezing


Just got a Denon MCX8000 a week ago. Worked great for a few days then the left screen freezes. I have tried everything. Does the 2.0 firmware release going to fix this issue or should I send it back when I still can get my money back. I really loved this unit. Perfect for my mobile gigs with 2 mics with eq. But I can not trust it. I have had a Denon DNHC5000 controller for years with 0 issues. Now I hear the Pioneer SX3 is being recalled. What gives. I just want a controller with 2 mics that works.

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Return it.

Wait till 2.0 is released, then wait another while for people to use it and provide feedback.

Then reconsider buying it again based on that.

Worst piece of dj hardware I’ve ever owned.

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No product and no softwares is perfect.

Perhaps pioneer are worst affected of this as they have needed to find any ways possible to lower there prices

It’s not about the faults but how it’s addressed.

With new features comes new technology challenges.

I don’t know the policy of Denon in regards to the now well documented issues the MCX8000 seems to be having. Will the 2.0 firmware update fix it? I can’t tell. That’s why I suggested waiting till the 2.0 firmware drops officially and tested extensively before making a decision on buying the 8000.

The policy seems to be say nothing but if users have issues and they RMA replace them. I know auto manufacturers do this if it’s not a catastrophic failure/fault. You go to service and the advisor points out a free fix for a problem you didn’t know existed.

I know a user who claims he has had the 8000 replaced under warranty at least 3 times. That’s why part exchanged mine. That was like 1 year ago.

Hi! I had the same problem 1 year ago…i’ve returned the 8000 to the shop for fix it but , two months after, they gave me another consolle

Should I get the MX7000? I need something soon.



The MCX8000 firmware update is our top priority at the moment and we are carrying out BETA testing as we speak to make sure the update covers as many issues that have risen recently.

all the support staff told me the new firmware would do nothing to fix existing issues and I shoudl send my controller back! :rofl:

All? To how many did you speak to ?

The screen freezes are not firmware related, so the 2.0 firmware update won’t fix the screen problems. It is a hardware problem.

… “all” as in “the only thing”.

But I could be wrong, English not my native tongue.

The screen freeze is not a firwware relative issue but a power issue. This is how to fix it in a really easy way. Bring screen brithness down to 90 % or 80% and this issue will be over. It is just a power issue. When brithness is high is produces a high power consumption and power supply is not high enough to support both screen synch and brightness

I had the same issue and i dropped the brightness down, this worked well for a couple gigs and last gig it froze again…Grrrrr

if that’s really true, I wonder what is denon doing there? you pay a lot of money and in the end you don’t have enough electricity? then i simply don’t need this controller anymore and give it back

So I got my replacement unit last Wednesday. I have ran the thing 24 hours a day with auto mix running. NO ISSUES. No screen freezes or anything. I turned the LCD screens down to 80%. I will continue to monitor the controller for another week. I still have time to return and get a different unit or get my money back.

A bug is a bug not a vlontary issue. If there is a fix it a good thing. Denon does it best and there products are good You can say it in too ways : there is not enough power for brithness or brithness is too high for power. So just adjust britgness to match.

Keep us informed

MXC8000 is a really good product. Have you tried to reduce screen britness before giving is back and buying a more expensive product that does less ?

Here you go people! :slight_smile:

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Hi Guys,

First off let me say that I am very sorry to hear of your issues with the display lock ups and freezes! As a mobile DJ I know how important it is that we trust the gear we use. It’s unfortunate that such an issue has negatively affected this great product and our brands reputation. At Denon DJ we always strive to push the limits and create the highest quality gear possible.

I can confirm that the new firmware version 2.0 does not resolve screen freezing issues. As others have mentioned it is a hardware related issue but does not affect all users. Display lockups are also not reproducible in all environments.

But there is good news…Recently, we discovered that in certain environments, electro static discharge (ESD) could sometimes cause display lockups. Upon this discovery we were able to make hardware changes and improvements to resolve this issue. If you are still experiencing display freeze issues please contact the support team in your area for service. The MCX8000 shipped with a 3-year warranty so almost everyone still qualifies for warranty service. If you’re outside that window please PM me and I will do what I can to help.


My 2 cents. I had a brand new MCX8000 that I purchased a few weeks ago. Loaded Serato for Windows 2.0.4 Freezes all the time. Sent the unit back and got a new one. Still had issues and also a problem with Autoplay. I uninstalled 2.0.4 and loaded 2.0, bam, not 1 issue. No issues and I ran that unit for 1 week straight in autoplay mode. Could it be the software version> Just saying…