Do you have to be on a network to run Engine?


Post 29 Aug 2013 22:50 Do you have to be on a network to run Engine? I wondered if that was the case that you have to be on a network to talk to ‘engine’, so if I were using it with i-pad and took my setup to a venue and wanted to use engine would that not be possible without a network? surely i’ve missed something here?



Post 30 Aug 2013 01:07

In order to use the iPad app with Engine, yes you need to be on or have your own network. Most people will get themselves a router and use it strictly for DJ’ing. Connect your 2900, or 3900’s to the router using Network Cables, and connect your Laptop as well (If you will be using it during your DJ’ing) It’s not advised to connect the Laptop wireless, but rather wired. iPad on the other hand, you have no choice but to connect wireless. Getting your own and using your own Router will be your best bet, rather then trying to use a Network that the Venue has to offer.

Hope this helps!


Post 30 Aug 2013 07:13 Re: Do you have to be on a network to run Engine? Basically, the only “network” that would be in use is simply the one between your own router (connected only to power, and your two 2900/3900s. Your ipad would then use wifi directly between itself and your router to send commands (track selection, time remaining, playing mode etc)

It’s important and very very reassuring to note that at no time ever, is any audio actually attempted to be sent over wifi - ever!


Post 01 Sep 2013 00:04

@Hamel & @DJ_Boothe, thanks for that, i’m not a working dj but would still like to use engine with i-pad if i’m playing in some field or at a party etc - so i’d need my own router to take wherever my system goes if I want to use engine with i-pad right? This could be a very low spec router i’m guessing for this task?

thanks. Sean

robdquick Post 02 Sep 2013 09:01

Any router should work.

I picked up this one from maplins: … rts-635987 for £30 and it works just fine.