Do i need soundswitch with engine lightning?

Do i need soundswith to use engine lightning?

Am i forced to get Soundswitch for 299 euro to use Engine Lightning?

You need SoundSwitch if you use DMX lights at least once to configure your lights. You have to create the project file that lets Engine Light know which lights to control, their DMX code, available colors, etc.

Then you can configure the various EL buttons with your personal text (static mode for example) or the autolooops. Additionally, SoundSwitch will be used to analyze your tracks and create custom scripts for each track. Alternatively, you could also use autoloops only. If your lighting system will never change, ie you always have the same lamps and you don’t have to customize anything, you can only use Soundswitch once to create the initial project. Then you will always use that project and you will control the lights using the autoloops.

On the other hand, if you connect your console to Philips lights, then you don’t need SoundSwitch.

If you buy an original SoundSwitch DMX interface you also get a code to try the software for 3 months. You can use those 3 months to configure your DMX lighting network and do all the necessary tests. At the end of the 3 months you can decide what to do.

And that is the problem…you have to have buy a license…

If you read carefully what I wrote, you will see that a license is not always required. It depends on what you want to do with Engine Light and the degree of customization you need.

Okay, i’m sorry…

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I have one more question…what will happen with songs that i use with Tidal, sometime i use Tidal for requests…


All streaming tracks cannot be downloaded to your computer and therefore cannot be analyzed by SoundSwitch, so the custom script cannot be created.

But they will work with the autoloops, so your lights will turn on to the rhythm of the music but maybe the play of light will not be as satisfying as when a script is created, because the autoloops are the same for each track, they just follow the rhythm of the song. You can also create custom autoloops to start when you wish to do so: you can do this in SoundSwitch and store your setting in the project which will then be read by Engine Light.

Allright, the autoloops are not a problem…i think i know enough and will go trying out Soundswitch…

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