Do I have a broken SD card slot?

Hi, I had posted last week about compatibility with SDXC cards on the Prime 4 and was advised by a couple of people that SDXC cards are definitely compatible, which is referenced in the appendix of the Prime 4 manual. So I ordered a Sandisk 128GB SDXC but for some reason, the Prime 4 fails to see it, the LED below the slot does not light, it’s like there is nothing in the slot although the card is present. The card is recognised on all my other devices (even my 8-year old digital camera) but not the prime 4 - I tried it on the Prime 4 before I checked my other devices… I’m wondering if I have a faulty card slot on my Prime 4, or have I overlooked something else?

I formatted the card to FAT32 as advised in the manual, I used exactly the same formatting procedure as I did with the SSD (which works fine), I also transferred a load of music from Engine Prime (which loaded onto the card fine). But the Prime 4 fails to see it. What am I doing wrong?

Well I don’t have an 128GB to test, only 64GB SDXC’s from different brands; which all work. Like stated earlier.

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I just tried a Sandisk 64GB SDXC card in it, that doesn’t work either. The LED underneath the slot does nothing; same result as the 128GB card. I have a feeling my SD card slot is faulty.

I think you are right! Contact support.

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After trying another SD card (Sandisk 32GB SDHC), I contacted the supplier (Westend DJ in the UK), it seems they want me to pay return shipping on a faulty unit that is still under warranty. I also contacted Denon, who then gave me the number of Denon Professional, and after an hour I got fed up of waiting for someone to answer the telephone. Customer service is a total waste of time. I will next contact trading standards to see what Denon’s obligation is on faulty units and warranty returns.

Hi @LEK23 - Sorry to hear you’ve had a sub par support experience. Please PM your contact details and I’ll have someone reach out to your directly. Thank you in advance for your patience.


That’s normal. The warranty on so many things now covers parts and labour but not shipping I had to pay outgoing shipping on my laptop when it arrived non-booting from new, but they paid shipping it repaired, back to me.

You shouldn’t pay both ways, neither should they. If you’d driven there you’d have had petrol and parking so it’s all sort of level

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If you have access to one of those USB3 hubs with microSD slot, SD slot, etc, go and try connecting it to one of the USB ports of your Computer and then insert the SDXC card into the USB hub, to see if it is recognised. If it is, safely disconnect it from your computer and then try to connect the same USB hub to your Prime 4 with the SDXC card inside the slot. This will allow you to verify if the problem is in the Prime 4 SD slot itself or not. Also, if it is not recognised initially, then try to reboot the Prime 4 with the USB hub connected.

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Amazing mistake. For me it’s the other way around. SD card recognized in the SD slot. USB stick not recognized in the USB port. But if I take the SD card with a USB card reader, it works again. I would say that the Denon Prime4 has problems with various manufacturers of storage media.

If SD card makers don’t stick to the standards, they might not work in all devices.

One SD card I had a couple of years ago raved on about secure encryption and all that. Which worked by downloading special drivers when inserted to a computer. Wouldn’t work on a lot of other devices though

Hats off to Denon DJ!

A long story short: I contacted the seller, they put me in direct contact with Denon who collected and fixed the issue under warranty on a priority repair. The courier collected the Prime 4 on Tueday, and it was redelivered today (Friday), no shipping charges, no repair costs.

Yet another reason I’m glad I chose Denon over the competition!


And does the SD card work now ?

Yes, as I said, they fixed the issue.

Good to hear and thanks for the feedback!

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Good to see someone putting the positive story post-support. Too many times I’ve seen people moaning and sulking when something isn’t working, slating Denon and then very little after. If they make a mess of things they deserve to be pulled to pieces, but every company should be given the chance to make it right first, and from what Insee, Denon are pretty good at that!! More important, glad your Prime 4 is fixed!!


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