DNS3700 and Mixvibes Cross DJ 4

Still trying to get my dns3700 to work outside VDJ. Does anyone have experience using Mixvibes Cross/Cross DJ 4? the DNS3700 is in their supported hardware list so maybe someone here can tell me more before I dive into it. If you check the list under mac/windows, it says only compatible with cross, what does that mean exactly? TIA edit: forgot link Compatible Hardware - Mixvibes

Any particular reason that you wanted to use it with Mixvibes Cross instead of a DJ app that has native control (VDJ) or proven 3rd party one (Traktor Pro 3)?

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Because VDJ is way to expensive, I dont use my gear enough to justify that price. I also make zero money from it, it is just a hobby. I checked Traktor Pro 3 before and again now, the dns3700 isnt listed under supported hardware. I want to use Cross because of the support and price tag. I already put miy decks up for sale, but it would be nice if I could keep them.


You can use this mapping file.

Or check out Mixxx, it’s a great free DJ software that can support S3700