DN-X1700 DVS Setup / MAC / VirtualDJ


I recently acquired the legendary Denon DN-X1700 mixer and I truly love it. Unfortunately, the only downside as it has been previously reported, it doesn’t make use of the SoundCard under MAC OS Post OS X 10.11: El Capitan - 2015 and to make things worst, I’m on the latest M1.

I was wondering if there was any work around to have this sorted, maybe install some sort of plugin or software that allows legacy compatibility on Mac?

I tried using Windows 11 on MAC (using parallel) but then it also failed with the error message "DN-X1700 failed to initialise ASIO)… I am not sure if it should work under windows or not as it was detected just fine, I wasn’t too sure what I was doing wrong, the settings are slightly overwhelming and I was hoping someone can help me set it up Step by step.

I would love to use it with VirtualDJ which is a fairly flexible software.


I tried on windows 10 last year, and it was working fine with X1700. But that was no mac, that was a lenovo with i5…

I am doing my absolute best to keep this mixer, but I have to fin a way to use it around MAC OS. I have an External DS-1 Denon sound card ( that I kept along the years) it’s literally new and works like charm, I was thinking worst scenario can use it.

How do you get it to work with an external Sound card, that would also be good to know… since the signal comes from PHASE DJ, I doubt the channel needs to be set on USB Mode right? just normal channel mode… is that correct?


On Windows 10, installed normal Denon Dj asio driver for X1700, connected the mixer to usb, switched to USB B on the mixer and all went fine.

Macbook M1 chip can be a major problem at Your side.

For External sound card - You use mixer like usually - analog or digital inputs.

I too had the dnx1700 and ran rekordbox dvs but with windows 10.

Q. Has the dnx1700 had it firmware updated and in the settings the new DVS mode turned on for each channel?

I think also the driver wasn’t liked in rekordbox so I had to use asio4all which worked like a charm.

Yes, I have updated the mixer to its last firmware which has allowed DVS, the only issue is the ASIO on MAC… I can’t believe this won’t work only for some stupid missing update. I am sure, somebody, somewhere somehow figured out how to get this sorted and working. Keeping hope…

Indeed, but I was hoping with Windows it would work sine it is installed on a VIRTUAL machine…it is just software right, I’m not an expert on what’s going on under the hood despite being a senior web developer lol :slight_smile:

What also happens is when Mac’s update os they like to braking the “core audio” to suit its new update.

Unfortunately this in turn makes older tech useless with new every os’s they bring out. The mixer was made under D&G holdings brand, way before InMusic so it’s unlikely a new update will be made to support anymore new Mac os releases.

This is a BIG why I won’t use Mac’s. Least with windows the old drivers still have a chance of working. A devise with “made for XP” on box will still work no doubtly with win11.

In simple explanation - the driver needs to be able to communicate with the CPU, if he CPU runs different instructions than the driver sends - that’s a no go. AMD and Intel CPU’s were present when the driver was developed, so there is a bigger chance that they will work. M1 was introduced recently. No development was done since 2015/2016 for the X1700, so it will not be optimized for that new CPU.

Sorry mate, I absolutely can’t follow here at all… the Driver issue was existing before the existence of any M chip… The DN-X1700 has not worked on any OSX post El Captain under any CPU. It is not a CPU issue it’s an OSX issue which has stopped supporting CORE AUDIO ASIO (as I understand it) but since this is a software, I was thinking someone would have worked out a fix or a go around.

That was under OSX, but I am also referring to Your M1 chip - windows system, should work with the driver, when You have proper CPU.

Ah, yeah that’s a possibility, not sure about that. I will remove Win11 and install Win10 and see if this helps in anyway. Who knows… worth trying, at least if I find out this could also be useful to other users.

It seems that many DJs have stuck to that mixer… it surely has something special.

It is a great mixer with very good sound quality. I know, that running on windows 10 with intel or amd cpu, was not a problem. The newer OSX (and later M1 chips) on mac’s introduced issues.


Ditto with NoiseRiser on this one.

Sorry to tell you but in short… ditch the Mac and use a Windows laptop for DJing alongside the dnx1700.

If you want to use the Mac and M1 chip for DJing then you can’t use the dnx1700 sound card. Support has ceased.

I don’t know of any 3rd party programs that you can use to hack old hardware to work on new Macs. Maybe some out there, but I’m no Mac user to do a search.

But of a conundrum to think on.

It’s noted on here in old threads if you find them from Denon officials.

Indeed… I also have the option of including my DS-1 which works like charm with all Mac OSs including M1.

Alternatively sell the ds1 and buy a 7 year old windows laptop with the funds.

Far less cables and clutter.

It’s your call end if day :fist_right::heart::fist_left:

I loved my dnx1700 and screen was amazing. Wish they kept a lot of the design and ported it with the x18xx.

I’m actually selling my X1850… I won’t sell the DS1, I will always need it for other usage, I’m a very analog DJ and it has always helped me staying connected to the digital world. I also change mixers quiet often… I like to explore sounds… the DN-X1700 is currently my all times number one… (I owned multiple mixers including MasterSounds 4V) It beats them all… in the balance of Build quality, features and sound quality… it checks every box. If I could add 2 things to make it the all time true perfect mixer it would be…

1- Mic noise gate (exists on X1850) 2- Sound card compatibility (OSX)

Same. Mixer is the heart of your setup and should be most important. I really wanted a xone db4 when I bought the 6km’s but the store didn’t have any so I grumbled to myself and took the matching x1850 as my patients is next to none.

I was on the fence with the new design over the old dnx1700 but 1 year on I’m very happy I kept using the Denon. Effects are still iffy as on the dnx1500 and dnx1700. Not as crisp as pioneers.

Still twitching for a db4 mind or been glancing at the djm2000 with the router.

I had djm 2000. As far as built in features were cool, it had 2 major issues for me…

  1. Sound quality was very bad for such mixer,
  2. Built in sound card was very limited, You can’t run fully dvs with it :frowning:

DB4 - my all time favourite - if I will have the funds, I will try to get o e, this year. X1700 - best mixer that Denon ever made. Sound quality, built quality, connectivity… this mixer was great and still is great. Only downside we have now is with these usb drivers…

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I sold my dnx-1600 for the same reasons. It was great for years whilst supported and I still miss it, I moved to the S4 mk3 for 12/18 months before getting the Prime 4.