DN-X1600 fader problems

I purchased a second hand DN-X1600 mixer which works perfectly except having problems with channel faders 3 and 4. The channel 4 fader has no effect whatsoever, and the channel 3 fader affects both channels 3 and 4. The problem exists in both midi and non-midi modes. In midi mode, I observed this behaviour in Midi-Ox:

Channel 4: no messages received at all. Channel 3: a combination of a ‘control change’ message and a ‘CC: 21 (E-MU)’ message is received. Furthermore, the ‘CC: 21 (E-MU)’ messages continue to be received in a slowing down fashion after letting go of the fader, as if it is slowing to a gentle stop.

I’ve uploaded videos to YouTube so that you can observe these behaviours: https://youtu.be/bVWxk2sqgPM (when using Midi-Ox) https://youtu.be/eyk98qMV-iI (when using Traktor)

Is it possible that there’s a setting which is controlling this weird behaviour? Or is there anything that can fix the problem? Or is it just broken? :worried:

The only thing I know that had any channel linking or, one channel changing how another channel behaved was DVS on some mixers

Something is bridged somewhere. Two options. One is attempting a firmware reset and update (not sure if firmware for the 1600 is even available anywhere). The other is popping it open to make sure there’s no damage to the circuit board where the fader pots connect.

On Denon dj web site in downloads area - legacy products - newest firmware for x1600 is still there.

The 2000 (latest) firmware is already installed. There are a couple of new options in that firmware which aren’t in the documentation, but are for the X1700: midi layer divide and combine. Could it be one of those? Or I could try resetting back to factory defaults.

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As others said, try reseting the mixer to factory defaults. Unfortunately, lack of midi mesages from fader 4 shows that there is a clear hardware issue but there might be a setting that affects that fader 3 behaviour.

One thing you haven’t shown and that is how it behaves with a line or phono signal? Also, no issues with line 1 and 2 faders?

Yeah I forgot to mention that. The behaviour is the same for line/phono inputs, so I’m guessing fader 4 is a hardware problem.

If that’s the case, does anyone know where to find instructions on how to replace a fader, and where to buy spare parts? I found this but I’m in the UK - https://instrumentalparts.com/volume-for-dj-mixer-674010003001s

Denon uses standards Alps type faders, if you can find out what exact type you need you can order it from ebay. Probably Alps Rs6011 or similar, I googleda bit and found Rs6011sy4003 as designation.

Also, there is a service manual online for x1600 where you can learn how to enter service mode, test all the knobs, faders and buttons and check how long has been the mixer working in hr.


I tried doing a factory reset but channel 4 still does nothing. I also had a quick peep at the internals with the fader plate removed, but everything appears to be normal from what I can tell (i.e. doesn’t look like anyone has previously messed with anything).

By experimenting with various settings, I did manage to fix both the ‘slowing down’ behaviour and the double midi messages issue on channel 3, but I can’t remember which settings they were.

I am currently using a workaround since I’m using Traktor in internal mode: I’ve mapped the crossfader (which I don’t use) to the channel 4 volume fader.

I now just need to get the channel levels showing properly in the VU meters - I’ve created a separate topic for that here: Mapping Traktor VU meter levels on DN-X1600

Why internal mode? This mixer is awesome in external mode!

More experimenting last night. It seems that the ‘slowing down’ issue on channel 3 only happens when channel 4 is in midi mode. But it’s not possible to set internal or external mode in Traktor per channel, so I would have to put up with that weird effect in internal mode. As stated previously, external mode isn’t possible because the channel 3 fader affects channel 4 as well.

Also, I have no latency issues in internal mode, whereas I was getting all sorts of little pops and dropouts in external mode (I didn’t try it again last night). It might be something to do with ACPI.sys (shown as a potential problem in LatencyMon) which I’ve not managed to resolve yet.

There’s definitely something weird going on. I’m beginning to think that just replacing the channel 3 and 4 faders won’t fix these problems, and I’m resigning myself to think I might just have to buy a replacement mixer :worried: Does anyone have one for sale in the UK?

I’m posting here so Zigo can update the topic. RS6011-SY6005 does seem to be within the specs but I don’t know exactly.

From what Zigo posted, seems linefader on ch4 is done, I would just before opening the mixer try running the fader check in service mode (VR Chk in service menu) and then cleaning it with a contact cleaner just to see if it will react at all after that.

Also, please before anything else, enter SERVICE MODE and go to FUNC and then to 4.) Initial to reset the mixer presets to initial settings if you haven’t. After that you will probably need to set it to win or mac mode.


Thanks for the information. I will check out the service mode first as suggested.