DN X-600 Record Output?

Hi everybody, what is the record output on DN-X600? Is that "BOOTH?

Yes, that makes the most sense to use if you need analog RCA signal to record.

But why not use USB to connect a laptop and record digitally without degraded quality?

Because I have a Mac M2. You told me that Mac and legacy product mixers are not compatible anymore! So I bought a Behringer UCA222 to record my dj sets… (My setup is 2 CDJ-350 and Denon DN-X600, i like my setup)

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Yup, that explains it. Happy mixing!

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Thank you, I have one last question! Can I connect DN-X600 to Traktor Pro 3 via Behringer UCA222? (On MacBook Air M2)

No, that audio interface contains only 1 set of stereo RCA outputs for 1 deck in Traktor, you would want one that has 3 sets of outputs (like Traktor Audio 6 or Reloop Flux) for 3 decks in Traktor that you would connect to ch1, ch2 and aux1 on the mixer.

Minimum you need is a audio interface with 2 sets of outputs like the Traktor Audio 2 mk2 but then you would need to use it together with UCA222 if you want to record your set (Audio 2 does not have any inputs).

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Thank you for the explanation…

You can still midi map the mixer and send midi clock to the mixer’s effector.

On your case just plug the audio interface main out to the aux in on the x-600 and map the mixer to Traktor functions

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Yes, I did exactly the same thing before your post! I mapped the X-600 on Traktor. X-600 and Xone K2 works perfectly together on Traktor now! :v:

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