DN-SC2900 touch freeze

The player randomly (monthly 1-2x) issuse: not touched the touch/jog and the red contact/touch indicator light, working stopped.

If not vinly mode: cue pressed = new cue point created (normally preview song start). Vinyl mode: play pressed = not start (normally start), not available EXIT from Vinyl mode. Player completly halted.

Touch sensitive settings not modify this problem.

Half solution: If stored and loaded HOTCUE, start the playing and available exit from Vinyl mode.

Solution: Power off and on.

Video: DN-SC2900 touch freeze - indavideo.hu

To save you a lot of typing, as we can see that you’ve been free texting various usage “bugs” for the discontinued sc2900 for over 16 hours now.

Did you know that the SC2900 is discontinued?

It’s not been made for 6+ years now and I would say that it’s very very very unlikely that any patches to it’s firmware would be researched or released.

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It is very safe to say there will be no updates whatsoever anymore. Topics can be made to check if other members had similar issues, but few replies will be seen, I presume.


Oooh, I’ll add another “very” in then.

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The reason I bought Denon, has been described in several places as better than Pioneer. So far I have worked with Omnitronic, which is lower category, but in 15 years I have only encountered 3 software bugs. Not firmware upgradable players.

I am posting the list of bugs here to see if it turns out to be a HW bug, or the firmware is really that immature.

I kinda understand, but try to report a bug to Microsoft about WindowsXP. Not much will be done about it.

I’ll tag @Anthony_DDJ, but don’t get your hopes up.


Here I would prefer to get feedback from old professionals or professional users. If they have never had this, it is a HW fault, not SW.

Touch freeze = HW error? Dryed condenser? You don’t always have to think of a software bug.

LINK-CUE problem = HW error? Cable or connection not stable?

Waveform delayed = HW error? Very slow lan (direct) connection: 10/100 → only 10?

All problems possible HW problem (undervoltage, part drying, etc.).

I’m used two player… the problems for the most part only one player. Same firmware. Purchased in used condition.

Hey @Dj_V - I’d be happy to connect you with a technical support team agent. Considering this is a legacy product, it’ll be best reviewed by the team. Feel free to DM me your contact information and I’ll be happy to connect you.