DN-SC2900 Relay Mode Problem


The user manual say: after play end A device, started B device, if ended, started A device NEXT track.

Now 2 player only play 1-1 track, not jump next track. Latest firmware installed. How to work the “ping-pong” playing? Ping-pong= A1–>B1–>A2–>B2–>A3–>B3–>… Now= A1–>B1–>A1–>B1–>… Need track by track playing complete CD-s. (160 min automatic playing, not only 1-1 track repeat.) Not need A1-19–>B1-19–>A1-… disc end change player (Cont mode)! Need A-B-A-B-A-B (single mode). After played track, play NEXT track, not repeat!

Cue mode used standard, not Denon This is a problem?

It is in the manual.

1.) Your players need to be connected with a lan cable and their network id’s set.

2.)Then players must be set to single playback mode

I wrote this! Not working!!! Single mode only repeat same track, not jump next!

Manual write… the product does not work like manual write!

Created video. See “Single mode” and track number (still 11-11 in A and B device).

See end: more track available all disc, not “last track, no continue” problem! Not cable/link problem, auto start/stop working. Not “device number” problem, setted 1 and 2, play change back to back working.

The manual and the players not same working!

Problem still.

I just checked your video and saw that the players are replaying the same track on the CD’s and then checked the player manual - I think manual instructions are wrong, they should be set to CONTINUOS mode and not single, could you try it and report if anything changes?

Also, maybe test with tracks on USB?

Cont: Play “A” player full disc, after last track end, started “B” player and “A” still last track… After “B” player end of disc, start “A” player LAST track. After end, started “B” player last track… infinite repeat A-B last tracks.

Single mode in USB: Same. Cont. mode not tested. All audio in CD, USB not used for working.

Then there is nothing else to do but hope some other SC2900 owner can test and confirm does this function work on their players.

As previously posted on your other threads, these players are not only discontinued but also belong to pre-inMusic Denon product lineup making any chance of firmware update (IF this bug is caused by a firmware error) virtually impossible.

In 2022 I would recommend these players be used as controllers for DJ software (VDJ or Traktor first) and their standalone function only as a convenient backup option.

If you are a strictly CD user all I can recommend to you is that you are about 10 years too late to rip your CD collection to mp3/wav/flac. Sorry, just my personal opinion as somebody who did that 12+ years ago.

I use 4 CD players, 2 of which are the old Omnitronic, which only handles audio CDs. The mp3 is inaccurate and lossy, the wav is larger than the audio disc itself.

Hungary is also very backward in following the development of technology. In addition, 1 new player costs half a year’s salary, while in other countries you can buy it with 1-2 months’ salary. That’s why I bought it used… and because Denon no longer makes a CD player with a VFD display.

And I’m too old to convert all my music.

And why change what’s worked, just because there’s another one? I used my previous phone for 10 years, my current one is already 5 years old and I don’t plan to replace it, because it’s perfect for what I need it for.

I replaced half of the Omnitronic players with Denon only because in 1-2 venues the guest performers and dancers bring their music in mp3 and the old one was not suitable for that.

But they ran for 15 years and I still use them to this day in addition to the 2 Denons (I work with 4 players). However, if the CD is outdated, what are your vinyl colleagues to say? 30-35 year old players are used.