DN-SC2900 Linked WAV CUE problem

Played LINKED WAV file from another player pendrive, create CUE point to 4:05:41, created 4:05:38.

Tested more time.

Solution none.

Video: DN-SC2900 Linked WAV CUE problem - indavideo.hu

I would say its time to retire these units and replace them. As stated on your other faults these are legacy products and discontinued. It looks like bmw syndrome. Once one bit goes wrong there is a knock on snowball effect until they just simply die completely

I don’t think they made products that were not timeless at the time. I know today everything is designed to be replaced as soon as possible. Unfortunately, Denon no longer makes classic CD players (with VFD simple display, only LCD) and I have all my music on CD. So the best I can do is replace it with a product from another manufacturer. I was more than satisfied with the DN-X1500S mixer, so I switched to Denon players, but they disappointed me.