DN-S3700 & Serato Dj Pro

hey guys, for the past 2 years I’m working with MCX8000 & MBP (early 2011, os x 10.9.5). now I want to get my old gear (2 DN-S3700 & Rane TTM57SL) to be an alternative setup fot different gigs - is possible to get everything working with Serato Dj Pro?

Also another question, probably it’s because some update I had during the last 2 years - but when I connect the 3700s thru my SL4 and a usb to the computer, on hybrid midi mode - the 3700 seems to not have any MIDI control over the Serato Dj Pro - how can I fix that too?


Hey I’m having a hell of a time trying to get my S3700 to operate in hybrid midi mode with Serato DJ Pro as well I have Rane SL3. Did you find a solution?

Hey guys, I’m looking into doing the same, I have them working with the SL3, but debating on a solid mixer.

Hey guys, hate to be the one who tells you this: There is absolutely no support between Serato dj pro and the the denon 3700, in any mode. I have sold mine and got a pair of thechnics 1200’s instead. But if you do like I did take in mind that you’ll have to pay for the option to work on them with an ssl card (im using SL4)

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