DN-S3700 Play Button Replacement

I bought a pair of 3700s used. One is fine but one has a faulty play button. The cue button is fine but the play button has no click. I was wondering how easy it is to replace as it doesn’t respond well at times.

the play or cue button are one of the most failed things on a DJ controller.

I repaired at this point several buttons of different DJ Controllers and normaly they use a switch like this: Switch Play Button

You have to open the Player, remove everything until you can easily access the play button switch. Than you have to solder the new Switch onto the board. At this point you can try it yourself or somebody else who knows how to solder does it (friend, small electro repair shop). Be aware that you can destroy something if you have never done soldering, but its also no magic.

After that should be working again.

I would say, even with no experience its doable. Just remember to document the screws and the disassembly process with pictures, so you have some reference material to put it back together easily

All player critical point the play button.

If safety push very long time working, if hit/tap not longer than 1 year. Not need special button! The “special” marked buttom same the average standard, but price more. Need to measure the button size, available very wide choice. 0,5-1 USD/pcs.

If too short button, more movement, not stable.

If too long button, the cap (play button cover) not available minimal side movement, if pushed, minimal move → if hard pushed/hit/tap broken in half year.

The factory button version cheap (0,5USD), if changed 1USD type, more lifetime (not 1 year, 1,5-2). Need short/fast soldering, so that another exchange is still possible.

If soldered, back to bolts and test it! The good clicking, comfortable pressing, assemble the device. Not click, too long movement or not movement, rearrage! You can cheat! The button cap too long=use underlay → underlay+PCB+bolt

The button cap too long=unsolder, cut the carton paper to button bottom, resolder and test.

If not available button shopping (to be used tomorrow), change the player another “little used” button (MIDI, REVERSE, etc.)