DN-S1200 CD player issue

I’m a mobile dj and I really enjoy what I do but lately I’ve become really unhappy because my two DNS1200 have stopped reading my CDs and I was told that it’s because they need to be updated. Because you guys are considered to be the experts please let me know if this is true and if it is so, provide me with a link so that I can get the latest firmware update. Thanks.

If you’ve had a particular CD playing fine in the past but it’s not playing now, that won’t be firmware related.

Over time, laser alignment can “slip” on cd lasers and need realigning or sometimes, replacing. The laser lenses could even simply be dirty and need a clean.

Yep, back in the day we would have our Denon DN-series dual CD-players serviced at least once every two years, including a good internal cleaning and laser head realignment.

I have a pair of the S1200s’, great little players. Been rock solid.

I would recommend as suggested here, to get the players serviced and cleaned.

Hopefully you have a service centre near by, good luck. They are worth it.

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