DN-HC4500 Ultramixer Windows 10


I am trying to get an DN-HC4500 to work on windows 10 with Ultramixer or serato. does any one have experince with this? Both the ASIO and the MIDI are not working correctly

Greetz Roy

I’ve not used that combination but one quick pointer… given the age differences of two elements in that post eg: The DN-HC4500 and Windows 10… Is it a new laptop that has windows 10 on it?

If so, if you havent done so already, uninstall the web camera (I’m guessing the lappy has a webcam - as most of the modern ones do). Computers work on “Interupts” eg: time slots in a way…MIDI and Webcams are unfortunately on the same Interupt or time slot. If they’re both active on a system, they “fight” for their active state and for some bizarre reason, the webcam seems to win.

Hello, unfortunately, DN-HC4500 is not supported by Serato DJ but is by Scratch Live. It is also supported by Virtual DJ natively. Ultramixer does not include a template at this time so you need to click “Other Midi” and create your own map.

Hello Dj Boothe,

that was indeed the problem, thanks for you quick response

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Yay! I’m glad you’re winning now!

Oh if only all lappy problems were that easy to diagnose.

Watch out for the webcam trying to re-enable itself… especially after a windows update, installing other hardware etc…